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The Top Business News Reporter

Maria Bartiromo, CNBC Business News, USA

She receives the Opinions 24x7 Award for Best Business News Reporting (International) for her in-depth and highly captivating coverage of the daily trades in the US Markets including the NYSE and NASDAQ. She truly entails beauty and brains!

She also works on the CNBC show The Business of Innovation and has also made an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Read this brief description on her.

Results Out, Tests In

Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jun. 19: The results of the Weekend Test conducted for the First Years' yesterday were released today by VP Mrs. Jhansi. Mounik Reddy of JIIT4 secured the top inter-class rank with 80/90 marks, followed by Sushobhan Sen, JIIT3 (79) and Pranay Reddy, JIIT3 (78).

However, students point out that JIIT4 did not do well against JIIT3, even though they did get the first rank. This was justified after a clarification wherein it was revealed that the Second Ranks of JIIT3 and 4 stood at 67 and 78 marks respectively, indicating a poor performance overall by the former.

The girls sections however, failed to do well and their marks were much lower than the boys. When contacted, Divya Ravi, CBSE Topper of JIIT1, refused to comment.

Certain ambiguities still remained in the key though. For example, almost all students seemed to have lost 2 marks in physics de facto, since the key was incorrectly fed in, a fact that was verified by Mr. Kamal Bilani, Physics Teacher, JIIT3.

Mrs. Jhansi however, has taken it upon herself to make sure all the toppers know where they lost marks and ensure they correct themselves. Students of JIIT3 however, believe that she is being too harsh.

In other news, the time-table for the first IPE Examination for Sri Chiatanya All-Andhra Pradesh has been declared. Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week will have the Maths, Physics and chemistry exams for 75, 60 and 60 marks respectively. The timings are from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, and it has been learned that there will be no holiday in between. Fortunately, say the students, the syllabus is fairly light.

Mrs. Jhansi has also declared that any student from JIIT1 and 3 not scoring 100% in all subjects will have to stay back till six, a threat that has caused widespread anger among all students. To this effect, JIIT3 has submitted a fresh appeal - this time in written and signed form - requesting her to sack their Physics Teacher Mr. Kamal.

Mrs. Jhansi also added that students will have to purchase the answer sheet pads from the college tomorrow, the cost being fifty rupees. (OTFS)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Land of Opportunity

8 to 10, a special series on Opinions 24x7, chronicles my life in Bhavan's, from my first days as another student, to becoming the most well-known face in the school. This is my story.

Chapter 1

My name is Sushobhan Sen. Am I a Bengali? You decide. I was born in Hyderabad. I completed my nursery and LKG in Goa. I did UKG through Class 4 (inclusive) in Mumbai. I did Class 5 and half of Class 6 in Hyderabad. All that in ICSE.

But then came the most decisive turn of events. I had to move to Kochi, Kerala. There I was inducted into CBSE, and I was happy. I met the first true teacher there... Reena ma'am. She taught me Hindi, and I still miss her to this day. Kochi was the first place where I found what a school should be like. Albeit a little too much emphasis on sports, discipline and wearing knee-length socks, it was the first place that I could call a home-away-from-home.

Good things seldom last long.

The plan was to return to Hyderabad in the middle of Class 7. I couldn't take it. It was bad enough I had to leave again, but worse that I had to do it in the middle of a year again... the re-adjusting, the academic pressure, the friends... no.

My parents were adamant. They wanted to go back. And they would not listen. And so I opened up to the one person who would: God.

That year, i was supposed to write Round 2 of the PCM Scholarship Examination [read story]. And it was for that single purpose my parents decided to stay back for a half year more. I won a silver medal that year.

But more importantly, I gained faith that year. I looked up... and saw beyond the clouds. Whatever it was that made my parents change their minds, that force still lives in me today. That year, I saw the first glimpse of God.

I was supposed to be awarded the the general Proficiency certificate that year for topping the year. To date, I await that honour.

I returned to Hyderabad. I felt nothing for it. Every inch of my body reminded me of the golden memories of Kochi. But there were bigger issues to be resolved... which school would I be admitted in?

That it would be a CBSE school went without saying. But options were limited. Jubilee Hills Public School outrightly demanded a huge donation, and an in-principal admission (read, chances of being admitted were low). The final choice thus, came down to two schools: DAV Public School (DAV), and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School (BVBPS).

Times were pressing then. Our house was still under-construction, and we had to live with my aunt. It was already May. If my admission was not finalised, I stood losing a year. And then I entered the grounds of DAV. Impressive... from the outside. I did not however, appreciate that the Principal used hidden cameras to spy on her students.

Thus I wrote the nominal entrance exam, and within the hour, I was approved. But a major question still loomed: DAV was quite far from where I lived. Over an hour's journey by school bus. The one thing we all wanted was somewhere closer. BVBPS was my last hope.

But a larger debate had cropped up. If my sister was to get admission into DAV and me into BVBPS (which was quite obviously the better school), then my parents wanted me to join DAV so that she would not have to travel that far alone. She had just completed Class 9, I had just completed Class 7. I was angry, for I felt that this was unfair. I still do not forgive them for this.

And then I entered BVBPS. Had it been just a coincidence that that very day was bright and sunny, in spite of it having been a very rainy summer of 2004?

(To be continued...)
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First Exam Ends Well

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jun. 18: The first weekend exam for the First Year students, as well as the first one of the new academic year for the Second year students went off without too much trouble today, reports our correspondent.

However, among the hitches were the fact that the exam began at 8:15 AM against the stipulated time of 8:00 AM. This of course, led to a sharp change in the daily syllabus.

Furthermore, as per a notification from JIIT1, the top Junior Girls' Section, some questions had incorrect answers i.e., none of the given seems right. Furthermore, several anomalies in the key, especially in Physics, were reported. These would be updated in the final key before correction, assures Mr. Kamal Bilani, Physics Lecturer.

"All questions in which either the question was wrong or all the answers were inappropriate will earn students a bonus mark," says Mr. Venugopal, Chemistry Lecturer, JIIT3.

As for mark projections, most students appear to have done well. Sources suggest that at least two students in JIIT3 have a projected score of above 80 out of 90. A similar pattern is expected in JIIT1 as well.

"I felt the chemistry section was quite easy," opines Aditya, JIIT3.

The results are expected to come out quite soon - perhaps even tomorrow - as it only involves placing the OMR sheet in the reader. However, key discussion seems to be taking time, especially in Physics. (OTFS)

Save the Frickin Lang

So idz Eng: what d hell, I talkin, smokin, sleepin Eng! But ya know wad? Skool, man! Dey teach it lyk its phy!!! Can ya bleve dat?Its krazee... we gotta lrn biiiiiiig words dat wed nvr uz!

But hey, derz hope... its dis new thingy called SMS. U gotta pay for d msg, so u gotta write small! So wad? Its saving d lang, man! Who wanz 2 lrn d 1 bn diction? Who cares how idz spelt! U got it, me got it, got it?

Eng is for d royal ppl. Lang gettin 2 compli. N dats why SMS is d new lang. So lyk every1's got a cell... hell, ppl hve 2! So whu wanna talk lyk d Queen of Brit? V gotta chit, v gotta chat.

So nxt time u get low marks in d boards in Eng, chillax and send SMS in d "real" lang!

O o... g2g. Batry ded!


Friday, June 15, 2007

First Weekend Test Announced

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jun. 15, 2007: Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi has announed that the First Year students will have their frist weekend test on Monday, June 18. The announcement was made to all the classes and was generally greeted.
However, there is some confusion over the exact syllabus, especially maths, which just read 'basic concepts,' which students call ambiguous. lecturers have attempted to clear most doubts.
The exam will be held for a duration of three hours starting from 8:00 AM IST and will consist of 90 questions; 30 each from maths, physics and chemistry. There is no negative marking.
The maths and chemistry syllabi have been nearly completed as per a notification from JIIT3, the top boys' section. However, there is still some work left to be done on the physics syllabus, says the notification.
It has further been reported that the students will be shuffled for the examination, and that boys and girls will be mixed up. "The gents and women will sit together (sic)," says Mr. Prasad, Class Co-ordinator, JIIT3.
Mr. Swami, Maths Lecturer (Track 2) for JIIT3 has also mentioned that the syllabus for the next weekend test to be held on June 25 will include Logarithms and Surds. (OTFS)

The Fastest Dream has Come True

Formula One (F1) will finally come to India. New Delhi 2009: watch out for it!

And just hope that the Minister for Youth and Sports Affairs Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar doesn't goof it up. Like he did with the Asian Games bid.

To all my Old Friends...

Just remember... no matter how far we go

Never Say Goodbye
Rijul, Sushanth, Harsha, Divya, Shyama, and everybody I ever knew. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi. Remember... friendship is eternal.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thank God we have more options...

The Opinions 24x7 Award for Worst Journalism (Electronic Media) is shared by...

AAJ TAK, TV Today Network
For excellent crap, unparalleled dramatization of news and full coverage of the Khooni Talaab (Killer Lake).

Comments: does it really matter if some tantric has decided to go on a purification spree in some remote corner of Bihar?
Most unholy website

STAR News, STAR Network, India
For unending supplies of bull-shit, highly-memorable BREAKING NEWS tag for any and all news flashes, and full-length analysis of Mandira Bedi's attire during the Cricket World Cup, 2007.

Comments: Rupert Murdoch seems to believe that news and entertainment can co-exist in a most symbiotic manner. Intelligible citizens disagree.
Unholier than previous website

Thank God, we have a much better option to watch...


Kamal Might Leave

Opinions 24x7 presents Sri Chaitanya 24x7: a two-year Live Reports series based on my experiences in Sri Chaintanya, SR Nagar.

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Jun. 13, 2007: Mr. Kamal Balani, well-known for being one of the few North Indian lecturers in the campus, might soon be forced to leave JIIT3, the top boys' section, as per sources close to the Vice Principal, Mrs. Jhansi.

In wake of a large number of highly-vocal complaints against him, particularly those by JIIT3-student Saif-ud-din, wherein he walked out of the class and entered JIIT4 without permission, Mrs. Jhansi seems to have taken the harsh measure.

However, many students have chosen not to force his eviction, since they do believe that he is a capable teacher. "He teaches nicely, but [today's] class on upthrust was quite boring," says Deepak, JIIT3.

If sacked, he would become the first teacher of the year to be removed from a class. (With inputs from sources)


Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Net's Big G-bully

You can now use GMail to view your e-mails from up to five other accounts from any e-mail provider.
Can the Online War get any better?
Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL and the rest... you'd better pull up your socks. And fast.

Here's how to use Google Mail-Fetcher.
Track the Google stock on the NYSE!

And Down fell the Wicket

Graham Ford is the new Indian Cricket coach.
It's a foreigner again!
Some bastards just never learn...
Board of Catastrophe for Cricket in India (BCCI): Read all about it

UPDATE: Ford has declined the post of Indian coach, presumably after observing the thoroughly unprofessional approach by the BCCI in selecting him. Well, at least some people know what they should do.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bye Bye, Queenie...

Oh, Mrs. Virani!
After 7 years, your reign
Upon our minds, time and poor rationality
Has come to an end.
The corridors of Balaji Telefilms
Weep with grief over your overdue departure
And Ekta's heart shivers with fear
For as her new rival in this highly over-rated space
You shall add, Oh Mrs. Virani!
More nonsense to the Indian Television.
I care not for how your relatives sob over your corpse
Or who your husband shall now marry
But if there be anything I desire to watch
It surely be a good ol' FIGHT!
Whack Ekta out of our better-halves
And take leave of our precious 10:30 PM time.

Fight, Mrs. Virani, fight!
For if thy shall bleed,
So too will your rivals bleed.
Until both have bled all their crimson
And have withdrawn to the bowels of hell.

Two birds with one stone
Good luck, Mrs. Virani!
सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
What are we talking about? This show,which ends on June 6, 2007.

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Father of Indian Media Journalism


Name: Dr. Prannoy Roy

Born: October 15, 1949

Qualifications: Dr. Roy has a doctorate in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, bachelors in Economics from the Queen Mary College, London University and is a Qualified Chartered Accountant from LondonOccupation: Founder, Chairman and Wholetime Director, New Delhi Television Ltd. (NDTV)
Early Education: The Doon School, Dehradun

Family: Married to Radhika Roy, former Speech Therapist and current director of NDTV, cousin of award winning novelist and activist Arundhati Roy

Claim-to-fame: Anchored The World This Week (considered one of the Top 5 among the best Indian shows since Independence), excellent coverage of general elections along with Vinod Dua on Doordarshan (1989), adjudged the television personality of the millennium by the Indian Express poll

Government: Served as an economic adviser to the Ministry of Finance, India(1985-87)

  1. Priyadarshini Academy Bombay, Felicitations Award for explicit coverage of world news on TV and analysis of trends in elections awarded in 1990

  2. Dynasty Culture Club Hall of Fame award for Best Anchor Person in 1991

  3. TV & Video Award for Best Anchor Person in 1993

  4. B. D. Goenka Award for excellence in Journalism in 1994 and 1995

  5. Maharana Mewar Foundation Award for contribution to Journalism in 1996

  6. Runner-up for Best News Presenter / Anchor in the Asian television Awards in 1997

  7. Goodwill Tour Award from Habib Public School, Karachi awarded in 1997

  8. Indian Dance theatre “Best Personality of the Year” awarded in 1998

  9. Screen Videocon Award for “Lifetime Achievement” awarded in 1998

  10. Limca Book of Records – “Person of the year” awarded in 1998

  11. Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the year award (Media)

Comments: He's up at the crack of dawn to play golf and then dashes off to his office for a series of meetings and edit conferences. At the end of the day when most of us are ready to hit the sack Roy is saying, almost in a tone of apology, "We'll be back after a short commercial break. Stay with us."

Friday, June 1, 2007

The First Revolution Turns 20

New Delhi Television Ltd. (NDTV), founded in 1988, is India's oldest and largest private media organisation. A producer of news, current affairs and entertainment programming, NDTV has three channels in India: NDTV 24x7, NDTV इंडिया and NDTV Profit.

Starting as a media software company, it gave India the hugely popular show The World This Week, nominated as one of the top 5 television programmes since Independence. NDTV then formed an alliance with Rupert Murdoch's STAR to setup India's first 24-hour English news channel, STAR News, in 1998. NDTV's current logo has been designed by TAG Company in the USA. Its original logo is shown alongside.

Known for its professional, unbiased journalism, NDTV, under the stewardship of its founder Dr. Prannoy Roy, has changed the face of Indian television media and has, quite literally, brought about a revolution. Adjudged the most respected media house in India by Business Standard, the company is a recipient of several National as well as International awards, including the Asian Television Award for Best News Channel (Satellite & Broadcast) in 2005.

2008 marks the 20th year of NDTV's formation, in which it will launch its first Hindi general Entertainment Channel (GEC), NDTV Imagine, as a joint-venture between NDTV Imagine Plc. and Karan Johar's Dharma Productions. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of India's largest media house, Opinions 24x7 launches NDTV 20, an initiative to assimilate facts and opinions on the company. As a part of this programme, short introductions of the various stakeholders and celebrated faces of the company will be compiled.

To identify a post belonging to the NDTV 20 series, watch out for the logo given below: