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Award for Best Journalist (Hindi)

विनोद दुआ, NDTV इंडिया

समपूर्ण खबर और सच दिखने के लीए, इंहे मिलती है Opinions 24x7 Award बहतरीन खबरदान के लीए |

Outrage over Revised Timings

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 31: The college has decided to change Wednesday's (August 1) timings from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM to 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. This moves comes in the wake of several students fairing poorly in the IIT Unite test-2. In the test from JIIT1, Vaishnavi, Sushobhan, Abhirup, Divya Ravi and Aditya bagged the top five places. However, a student* scored a campus low of negative 1 in chemistry from the same class.

On the other hand, sources tell us that the actual reason for this sudden proclamation is some other event taking place in one of the other buildings of the SR Nagar Campus, which requires students to board their buses only at 6:00 PM. Furthermore, some students from JIIT1 also requested Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi to make the timings compulsory, although most protested.

"If I go home I can't study, and unless it's made compulsory I don't want to stay in this college up to 6:00 [PM]," said Saif, JIIT1 on being asked why he supported the move. "Please don't blame me," he added. It would be worthwhile to note here that all students are free to stay back till 6:30 PM on any day to clear their doubts or just to study. This is of course, an optional feature until tomorrow.

The junior lecturers have indicated that the timings are only for tomorrow as of information available now. (OTFS)

*Name withheld on request

Also: Opinions 24x7 would like to wish JK Rowling a very happy birthday (July 31)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Media Award for Best Journalism (Print)

For exemplary journalism and code of conduct.

Also shared by...

A symbol of dedicated journalism.


The Unluckiest Bacth Ever


By Mr. Vara Prasad, Maths Lecturer (As told to this correspondent)

The batch of 1993 in Andhra Pradesh was perhaps the unluckiest batch in history. They faced the most unexpected sequence of events in IPE (Intermediate Public Examination) and IITJEE.

In those years, IPE mathematics was a grueling exam. It was for 150 marks like today, but instead of two papers of 3 hours duration each, it consisted of just one exam of 3 hours duration. Now, the key bone of contention was that students who took BiPC could write their zoology exam, botany exam, zoology practicals and botany practical for 3 hours each and for a net total of 150 marks. So, BiPC students got 12 hours to write an exam of 150 marks, while MPC students got just 3 hours. Many lecturers from around AP, including me, formed an association to pressure BIE to change its system.

Now, it is common knowledge that if you go on the road and ask someone which was tougher - maths or biology - they would say maths. Hence, BiPC students get more time for a relatively easier exam than their MPC counterparts. Furthermore, at that time, the paper consisted of questions ranging from 1 mark to 12 marks, and each 12 mark question would have an internal choice. Like today's exam where you have difficult 7 mark questions, the students then had 12 mark questions which were extremely difficult.

And we were successful! BIE agreed to change its examination pattern and the batch of 1993 was to be the last batch that would have to face the old pattern. Or so we thought.

It was customary in mathematics for us to leave out proof of theorems. You see, back then, the proof of a theorem had never been asked in the IPE Examination for over thirty years. Since the syllabus was so vast, even though we understood how much easier the concept would become if we taught the proof of theorems to the students, there was just no time. This was restricted to trigonometry however. In other parts of mahematics we taught the proof of theorems. Furthermore, there used to be one and only one question that was asked from one of the most complicated parts of mathematics: Permutations and Combinations. This question had been a one-mark question for thirty years, but you had to have a thorough understanding of the topic to solve it.

So then came the IPE Examination 1993. Students who had studied day and night for a year came with anxiety in their hearts. Now, most students had decided that since Permutations and Combinations would fetch them only a mark for several hours' work, they would not study for it and attempt the paper for just 149 marks.

But their hopes were dashed! That year, the whole format of the question paper had changed unexpectedly. The first five questions in the one mark category turned out to be either trigonometric theorems or permutations and combinations questions. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The first 12 mark question was a theorem from trigonometry and its internal choice was another theorem! Worse, the next three questions were from permutations and their internal choices were from combinations! And so in this way the students found that they had already lost 50 marks before attempting a single question. And as expected, a record number of MPC students failed that year.

But that was not all. There was only a month left for the IPE Supplementary Exams, and this was too little time to learn those theorems, permutations and combinations and study for the IITJEE and AIEEE exams to boot!

Those who did manage to scrape through the IPE exams and hence successfully clear their 12th Class were faced with a greater problem in IITJEE.

Usually, the IIT question paper would be a booklet (it was subjective back then). But that year it was just a single paper containing ten questions of ten marks each. And of course, like all IIT papers, the questions were so unbelievably confusing that many students who came out of the exam hall needed psychological care!

For example, one question asked "Consider that all the people of the world shake each other's hands only once. Assuming that there are an even number of people in the world, prove that the total number of handshakes is odd." Now, at first sight, the question appears to be from Permutations and Combinations. However, the problem is that the total number of people in the world has not been specified. Then again, you could draw a Cartesian Plane and assume that to be the whole world and then solve. Also, you could consider the number of people in the world to be very small, solve for those small number of people and then integrate the answer for the final result i.e., solve the question by calculus. However, all of these methods would prove to be futile during calculations. So, only the few truly gifted students got the answer. It turned out that the question was from Mathematical Induction, a chapter which nobody expected a question to come from.

The cut-off for that year was put at just 7% of total marks, and most students failed to achieve even that. However, seeing as though the IPE exam of AP was also quite tough, many students from AP managed to qualify.

So next time you complain of a tough syllabus, recall the most unfortunate batch of 1993! (OTFS)

(As told to JIIT3 in June 2007 before shuffling)
Clarification: Mr. Vara Prasad has clarified that following a Supreme Court ruling, all future IITJEE exams would be purely objective.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Holiday Declared on Saturday

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 27: The college has declared a holiday on Saturday for all students in view of the strike called by the Communist Party of India (Marxist). This is the first time this year when the college itself called for a holiday without needing any goading.

This move has come as a respite to First Year students who are struggling to complete their vast syllabus for Monday's IIT Unit test-2. Second Year students - who have been writing exam the whole week - see this as an opportunity to relax.

However, this move will cause some problem to the schedule, as Monday would also become an extended weekend, as nobody usually teaches after the marathon IIT Exam. With two days down the drain, it is hoped that the momentum gained thanks to last week's truncated session is not lost.

Lecturers too have been given a holiday and encourage students to use the time to study hard from various books. "Please clear all your doubts today itself, as I will not be coming to college tomorrow and will not entertain any requests for doubt-clearing till Monday evening, by which time the IIT exam would have ended," Mr. Sanjay Singh, Chemistry lecturer, informed students of JIIT1.

Furthermore, the college has asked students to come to college at 8:30 AM on Monday rather than the regular 8:00 AM. "If you come at 8 ['o clock] you will see the gates locked," the counselor told students. However, students will have to come to college at 8:00 AM on Tuesday rather than 8:30 AM. Bus timing would be adjusted accordingly. (OTFS)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's this?

The Elder Wand, the Invisibility Cloak and the Resurrection Stone.
Can there be a greater literary genius in our time than her? Perhaps. But more popular? NEVER!


A Rainy Day

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 26: The study material for the First Year students in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics were handed out today, starting from JIIT1. However, students pointed out that the ICON (IIT-JEE Concept Oriented Neo-Intermediate) sticker was placed just over the NEON (National EAMCET-Oriented Neo-intermediate) label on the books, effectively passing off a book meant for AIEEE and EAMCET as one designed for IIT-JEE. Highly reliable sources have told this correspondent that students of JIIT3 were asked to do this task in the study hour.

In other news, it started raining heavily just when the home bell was rung, although some of the more enterprising students made a wild dash to their cars (this correspondent included). This did cause a minor delay even to those students who travel by the college buses, but since it lasted for just half-an-hour, no serious delay took place.

With two days of college left this week and the all-important IIT Unit Test 2 coming up on Monday, students are quite busy studying. The qualifying mark (hypothetical) for the test has been placed at 172, with a minimum of 50 in each. The pattern will remain unchanged although paper 1 and 2 will now mean tracks 1 and 2 respectively. (OTFS)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good Luck!

Pratibha Patil, 12th President of the Republic of India

The passing of a torch is symbolic in many cultures as a sign of handing over responsibility. In the political world however, an oath is taken.

Good Luck, madam President! Lead us towards 2020.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Early End to Boring Day

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 23: In a strange incident, the college was closed at 4:30 PM today, rather than the usual 5:10 PM. Sources tell us that the reasons included Mrs. Jhansi, vice Principal, being unwell, a minor incident with the police, and trouble from SFI Activists, who had called a flash-strike only last Friday.

The day was largely unproductive for the First Year students, while the Second Years wrote another exam. (OTFS)

I Salute Thee, Mr. President

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, 11th President of the Republic of India

In your dreams, shall the nation rise
Let Vision 2020 be upon us!

Read a brief biography of Dr. Kalam
Dr. Kalam's last speech to Parliament on July 23, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Enflames Sri Chaitanya

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 21: The rage over the release of the last and final book of JK Rowling's mega-hit series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows seems to have caught up with the otherwise studious Second Year students of Sri Chaitanya.

Many of the second year students made attempts to hoodwink Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi so that they could go home and read the much-awaited book. However, their attempts failed as the seasoned VP asked them to call their parents and confirm their various excuses, which, of course, they could not. However, very reliable sources have told this correspondent that a student of a senior section did bring the book to college, which provided a good source of distraction from studies for the students.

Meanwhile, the syllabus for the next IIT Unit Test to be held on July 29 was announced today.

Conditions were slightly tense after yesterday's storming by SFI Activists, though for the most of it things were quite normal, apart from a rebellious student beating up his class In-Charge. (OTFS)

Coming Soon: HP7 Review: Read at your won Risk!

Friday, July 20, 2007

IndianTelevision.com's NT Awards: And the Winner is...

Best TV News Reporter - Hindi
Upendra Rai
Star News

Best TV News Reporter - English
Shaili Chopra
NDTV Profit

Best TV News Anchor - Hindi
Vinod Dua
NDTV India

Best TV News Anchor - English
Barkha Dutt
NDTV 24x7

Best Promo Campaign By a News Channel
Match Ke Mujrim
Star News

Best Promo for any News show
Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri
Star News

Best Promo for a News Channel

Best Sports News Presenter - Hindi
Darain Shahidi

Best Sports News Presenter - English
Meha Bharadwaj

Best Sports Reporting by a channel - Hindi
Wah ! Cricket
Star News

Best Sports Reporting by a channel - English
Rudraneil Sengupta - Fifa world cup 06

Best Sports News Show - Hindi
Jeeto India Jeeto
NDTV India

Best Sports News Show - English
The Game
Times Now

Best Auto Show-Hindi
Top Speed
Star News

Best Auto Show - English
Auto Show

Best Business News Show - Hindi
Dhan Daulat
Aaj Tak

Best Business News Show - English
Axe The Tax

Best Business Talk Show - Hindi
Hum Honge Kamayaab

Best Business Talk Show - English
Young Turks

Best Business News Anchor - Hindi
Pranjal Sharma
Aaj Tak

Best Business News Anchor - English
Udayan Mukherjee

Best Investigative Reporting- Hindi
Khabro Ki Khabar
NDTV India

Best Investigative Reporting- English
I am M K Subba

Best Daily Newscast- Hindi
Badi Khabar
Zee News

Best Daily Newscast- English
India At 9

Best News Documentary Programme-Limited episodes-Hindi
Special Report
NDTV India

Best News Documentary Programme-Limited episodes-English
Missing In Action

Best Current Affairs Show (Home & International)- Hindi
Khabron Ki Khabar
NDTV India

Best Current Affairs Show (Home & International)- English
Nandigram : The Land Bleeds
NDTV 24x7

Best Crime Show- Hindi

Best Crime Show- English
Action City
Times Now

Talk Show on a News Channel- Hindi
Hum Log
NDTV India

Talk Show on a News Channel- English
We The People - Homosexuality Spl
NDTV 24x7

Best Lifestyle & Fashion News Show- English
High Life
Times Now

Best Lifestyle & Fashion News Show- Hindi
Raat Baaki
NDTV India

Best Entertainment News Show-English
India Questions Amitabh Bachchan
NDTV 24x7

Best Entertainment News Show-Hindi
Jai Jawan With Preity Zinta
NDTV India

Dr Prannoy Roy

Rajdeep Sardesai

Best English News Channel

Best Hindi News Channel
NDTV India

Best Business News Channel

Best news channel Website

Special Commendation
Prasar Bharati for its pioneering initiative in mobile TV broadcast

Times Now

Aaj Tak

Special award
NIK GOWING -BBC MAIN PRESENTER - in recognition of his work in International news Reportage and Coverage

Original List of Winners for the year 2007

The Last Few Feet

Finally, Nuclear Apartheid will end

Latest details on NDTV.com

SFI Storms Sri Chaitanya


Sri Chaitanya SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 20: Students Federation of India (SFI) activists today stormed into the various campuses of Sri Chaitanya SR Nagar on a day when nearly all other campuses had declared a holiday.

It has been learned that the AIEEE Campus has sent students home by 10:00 AM itself, but the greatest challenge was faced in the IIT Campus, where the Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi did nearly all she could to stop a holiday from being declared, although in vain.

At around 11:30 AM, SFI activists discovered that the IIT Campus was still holding classes in violation of their call for a bandh (strike). Immediately, they broke the gates and stormed in, one of them going to distract Mrs. Jhansi and the others breaking into the ground floor classrooms JIIT2 and 3, ordering students to go home. However, in a bid to protect what is called the 'best of the best class', the entrance to the first floor, which houses Jr. IIT1 and Sr. IIT1, was closed off. Sadly, the SFI activists got wind of the attempt and stormed the floor, setting the students free.

Mrs. Jhansi had made an attempt to contact the Principal so that he could intervene, but SFI had already cornered him and forced him to declare a holiday.

The activists marched with flags and shouted slogans, telling students to go home and even forcing the drivers of the college buses to start their engines. It has however, been learned that the watchman was beaten up during the incident.

All students were sent home, and most of them seemed visibly happy, although Mrs. Jhansi was not. On the brighter side, the schedule would be left undisturbed as this week had been designated a holiday week in lieu of home-sick holidays, and was only meant for revision for day-scholars.

The incident marks nearly three consecutive weeks when the college had been closed down for at least one day of the week apart from Sunday. College is expected to run normally tomorrow, although sources tell us that Mrs. Jhansi would allow students to go home at 4:10 PM and skip study hour. (OTFS)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shocking Statements from Mr. Vara Prasad


Inside JIIT1, Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 18: Mr. Prasad, maths (Paper 1B) lecturer for JIIT1 today made some astonishing but true statements before the class about the condition of students in corporate colleges.

According to him, students in corporate colleges are below prisoners. "At least prisoners can walk about a bit, you can't even stand up in class!"

This was the first time that any teacher ever spoke against the ways of the management, and all the students unanimously agreed with him. "You come to college at 8:30 only to sit here till five and get scolded by that lady [Mrs. Jhansi, Vice Principal]," he added. (OTFS)

How I Define Physics

Physics: the study of nature assuming that nature does not exist.

Example: Take a massless, frictionless piston (which, by the way, does not exist), and hence discuss thermodynamic constants blah blah blah...

AIEEE Updated Marks Declared

Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 18: The results of Monday's AIEEE Exam based on the updated key were declared today. Mounik Reddy (JIIT1) was awarded first rank, followed by Pranay Reddy, Sushobhan Sen, Namrata, Abhirup and Divya Ravi, all from JIIT1. The highest mark scored was 212 of 360 in what was described as the most difficult paper written by First Year students this year.

The new key had some major changes in it, including the handing over of 20 full marks as bonus in all questions with insufficient data or wrong options. Almost all students of all classes gained a large number of marks. (OTFS)

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Shocker for Students!

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 16: In a huge surprise to all the First Year students, the AIEEE exam conducted today proved to be a huge upset, with many students finding it difficult to expect even above 200 out of 360.

The worst, most students say, was physics, where many have been left with a net negative mark. The marking scheme was +3 for every right and -1 for every wrong answer.

In addition, some students did not receive the extra sheet containing 27 question from chemistry. They had to go later and were given just ten minutes to solve the extra questions. Adding to that, there were yawning mistakes in the key, especially in physics.

Also, students of JIIT1 complained that very poor English was used in the Physics paper, and that there was insufficient data in certain questions, or that none of the given options were correct. As for chemistry, Mr. Sanjay, who will be setting the final key, assured the students that some of the ambiguous questions will be truncated and that a bonus mark would be awarded. He however, refused to truncate a question that SSC students had learned in 9th Class but not CBSE students, which was not covered in the bridge classes. Maths was unanimously considered to be moderate in nature.

"[It seems] the last IIT Unit Test was of EAMCET standard and this AIEEE test was of IIT standard!" quipped Mrs. Jhansi, Vice Principal, in a routine inspection to JIIT1.

Another EAMCET-style test without negative marking will be held tomorrow. Sources tell us that all these tests will be counted in the next round of shuffling. (OTFS)

Best Blog

Kali Kishore
His blog

Very humorous, a delightful read.

NB: This nomination is based on limited information.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

An Open Challange

Can anybody answer this?

If from a set of infinite elements any two elements picked at random have the same properties, then the probability of all the elements in that set to have the same properties is ______?

Remember, probability P(E) belongs to the interval [0,1]

August 5 Awaits Me

I can't wait for August 5... the day of my Interview for The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE). If I win, then I get a scholarship and a whole new vista of opportunities opens up. Lose... well, I still haven't lost anything that I had.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Holiday Declared in a Flash

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 10: In an unexpected move, the college declared a holiday for all students today. This was following the tragic death of some students at the Kukatpally Campus of Sri Chaitanya.

This morning, the watchman prevented all students from entering the building, and informed them that there was no college. Mrs. Jhansi, Vice Principal, later came to reassure the students that college was canceled for the day.

However, sources reveal that the Second Year top section, SIIT1, did have college today, even though most of the lecturers had not come. Sources also tell us that these classes were held incognito, without allowing any Student Union Activists to find out.

Most students decided to spend the day leisurely after yesterday's six-hour marathon unit test, the results of which are expected to some out in a day or two. "Some of my friends and I went to see Awaarapan atPrasads," said Deepak, JIIT3. (OTFS with inputs from Sources)

Wah Taj!

Taj Mahal, Agra

Now a part of the New 7 Wonders via a global poll
Have I ever seen such a blitzkrieg of advertising in this country? Never...
Read the full story

All Hail the Great

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India

The only school board which is keeping pace, and encourages learning rather than by-hearting.

असतो मा सद्गमय Take me into the Light

Best Author (Fiction)

JK Rowling, Author, Harry Potter Series

Ingenious and extremely gifted, she receives the Opinions 24x7 Award for Best Author (Fiction). May she be remembered forever.

Media Award for Worst Talkshow Host

Karan Thapar, Host, The Nation Tonight, CNBC TV-18

For his continuous argument and desecration of an interview into an absolute court trial, he receives the Opinions 24x7 Award for Worst Talkshow Host.

Destructive Forces are at Large...

Ekta Kapoor, Head, Balaji Telefilms

She receives the Opinions 24x7 Media Award for Most Damaging Effect to Intelligent Media
Remarks: if anything, plastic surgery has flourished following her tactics.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Tomorrow's Picks

Three people who will shape Indian Media Tomorrow. These are the successors of Prannoy Roy: all coming from the same home: NDTV.

Nidhi Razdan Journalist, NDTV 24x7
Smart, young, swanky. Nidhi Razdan, considered second only to Managing Editor Barkha Dutt on NDTV 24x7, is a trusted face throughout the nation. A former recipient of the Asian Television Award for Highly Recommended Journalism. An expert in foreign Affairs and Kashmiri Politics, this Indian Institute of Mass Communication graduate combines the very best of good looks, good brains and pure talent!

Hindustan Times' take on Nidhi Razdan

Rajdeep Sardesai Managing Editor, CNN-IBN
One of India's best-known journalists, people know him best for having 'a nose for news'. Son of the former Indian Test cricketer Dilip Sardesai and Nandini Sardesai, an activist in Mumbai and former head of the Dept of Sociology, St Xavier's College, Rajdeep is an MA (LLB) Dgree Holder from Oxford University and is a Rhodes Scholar. He is currently married to Sagarika Ghose-Sardesai, and is an expert on Politics. Rajdeep was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on May 24,1965.

Rajdeep's blog on IBNLive

Arnab Goswami Managing Editor, Times NOW
Another renowned face in the Indian media space, Arnab Goswami leads the editorial and production team at Times NOW, a service of the TIMES Group and Reuters. This former Asian Television Award winner for Best Anchor has a wide range of interests ranging from urban trends to politics. Arnab is a postgraduate from Oxford University, a former visiting fellow at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and has done a course in Public Affairs reporting from the Washington School of Politics and Journalism. He authored his first book, Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge in 2001.

More on Arnab's Book