Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life is Good

NDTV Good Times, India's 1st Lifestyle Channel from NDTV and Kingfisher

And after watching Ian Wright and his mates run around the world and give India a miss, and also watching some meat loving cannibal named Antony something chow down vada pav in Mumbai, its time to see some real Indian Entertainment. Make way for NDTV Good Times: Life, will never be the same again.

Coming to a cable operator (or if you're lucky, DTH Operator) near you on September 7, 2006.
Get ready, to live... the time is Good!

Full details on NDTV Profit

JIIT1 on Warpath


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 30: The top section has taken their war with Inorganic Chemistry Lecturer Mrs. Sunita to a whole new level, with the class officially signing a letter requesting the Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi to remove her immediately. The letter also advises her to instate their other chemistry lecturer Mr Sanjay Singh, in her place (in addition to his track).

The incident took place today after Mrs. Sunita once again faced a barrage of doubts from some of the high-scoring students, most of which she was not able to clear 'satisfactorily'. The class has already complained on her at least five times before. Furthermore, she attempted to restart her old method of forcing students to write all equations several times over so as to make them by-heart it. The last she asked the students to do write all equations five times each in one day is widely perceived as the prime reason the class became so agitated with her.

"If she just taught slowly and properly, we would be able to learn the concepts in class itself," said Avinash, JIIT1.

The letter, signed by both boys and girls and attested by about 45 of 52 students, is expected to be formally handed over to the VP by a group of high-scoring students from the class.

In some other news, an English test is scheduled for the first year students tomorrow. The syllabus includes one poem and an entire grammar topic on tenses. (OTFS)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Quarter Assessment: A Third View of SSC Schools in Andhra Pradesh

The following are the results of a three-month long study on how State Board Schools in Andhra Pradesh function.

1. If a school has no playground, it's OK. They still get affiliation. This clearly shows that overall development is not a major concern.

2. All questions appearing in the examination will be singularly from the exercises given in the textbook and students are never encouraged to refer any reference books or delve deeper into the topic.

3. Schools finish the 9th class syllabus (which is more important than 10th class) in January, then start the 10th class syllabus and end it by June.

4. SSC Students use silly 'question banks' from where they have to by-heart word-2-word, line-by-line and write it in the exams to get marks.

5. To encourage by-hearting of answers, schools hold at least TWENTY pre-finals.

6. Students write all their subjects in two papers, each paper being alloted in general. So while CBSE students write a 100 mark exam in 3hrs, they do it in 6.

7. No practicals, no hands-on-experience, no demos, just THEORY THEORY AND MORE THEORY.

8. "Special English" paper consisting of five 20-mark answers; no grammar, no critical analysis. Just questions like "describe the story _________ by _______". And only description-type questions. No character sketch or creative writing or anything else.

9. Question papers are regularly leaked, and any teacher who has at least ten years of experience can predict the entire question paper.

10. The govt takes no action against corporal punishment, which is exploited unimaginably well.

11. "IIT Foundation Classes" right from SIXTH class. Kids can't even enjoy their childhood anymore.

12. Least importance given to languages. They learn tons and tons of theory in English grammar but they can't form a single sentence on their own. Sanskrit and Hindi are not even encouraged. Furthermore, very little focus is given to being able to speak the language and more to simply by-hearting the textbook.

13. Many schools work from 8 AM to 8PM , a clear violation of human rights.

14. Syllabus is never updated. What you learn in 8th, you will learn in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.

15. In order to force students to simply study all the time and by-heart the textbook, many schools cancel library periods, games classes, field trips and other co-curricular activities after class 9. Again, this shows that all-round development is not the priority.

And the worst of it all...
16. Gender segregation. "Ommulu Vomullu High School: Co-Educational English Medium". Go inside and you'll see that girls and boys are kept in separate rooms or even separate buildings and are forbidden to even look at each other or else face caning. Standard language of communication between all members (students and staff): Telugu, not English

Final comments: The State Education Board stresses on making IIT-craving robots out of students, not confident, aware citizens.


Confusion over Twisted Timings


Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jul. 29: The college began today at 8:00 AM - half an hour before the norm - so as to accommodate the special timings for the other campuses, which had an AIEEE exam today. Consequently, there was utter confusion as to what the time table was. Students were quite upset that their lunch break was cut to just twenty minutes while none of the other classes were shortened.

As a result of the available time, an additional period was added from 3:20 to 4:10 PM, much to the angst of the students.

Students were seen preparing for Monday's re-scheduled IIT exam with full force. (OTFS)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Up, Down, Up... and Bust!

Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive 30 Index (SENSEX): Aug. 22, 2007

Aug. 21, 2007: BSE Sensex 13989.11 -438.44
Aug. 22, 2007: BSE Sensex 14223.71 +234.60
Aug. 23, 2007: BSE Sensex
14163.98 -84.68

Investors. beware of the Subprime Tsunami!
Daily market coverage from NDTV Profit

Sensex Graphs and Charts from Yahoo! Finance

Reaching Out: A Prayer for Payel

Payel Bhattacharya, 27, Kolkata

"When winter comes, can spring be far behind?" - PB Shelley ('Ode to the West Wind')

Affected with a rare and potentially fatal disorder -
von Hippel Lindau (VHL) disease - Payel is now fighting for her life. A Shah Rukh Khan fan who believes in living life to the maximum, she deserves our help, support and most importantly: prayer.

Full story from NDTV

Why SR Nagar Campus has no Holidays


Inside JIIT1, Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 23: In a reply to a question posed by the boys of JIIT1, Mr Vara Prasad, Senior Maths Lecturer, offered the following details, shedding some more light onto the dark and misty world of the Sri Chaitanya Group of Institutions.

Why does the SR Nagar Campus have such limited holidays, while all the others such as Kukatpally or Yousufguda have innumerable holidays doe to banhds etc?

The SR Nagar campus is in a high-security zone. Many sons, nephews, daughters, nieces, grandchildren etc. of eminent MLAs come to this campus. In fact, the daughter of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's personal doctor is also here. Hence, this campus is not only fortified by internal defenses, but also by a political shield. We have told the student unions that they can go about and rampage all of SR Nagar, but if a scratch comes to Sri Chaitanya, SR Nagar, then that would be the end of their student union days! Furthermore, it takes less than a minute for the police to come ten meters down the street. Have you ever wondered why a Police Station was built so close to this college? (OTFS)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Moment of Silence

Adnan Patrawala, Strangled to Death

"Death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead. Therefore grieve not for what is inevitable." - Bhagavad Gita

And once again, I implore all of you to use your common sense on social networking sites like Orkut. The Internet is fun, but NOT safe.
The story of his death and its follow-up:
Times NOW
You can also see Adnan's profile on orkut, though I highly discourage doing so. Those arrested in connection with the case were identified as Sujith Nair (28), Ayush Bhat (19) and Himmesh Ambavat (18) (source: the Hindu).

OTFS deeply mourns the loss of an innocent life.

I Don't Agree with this Survey

DPS RK Puram has been selected as the best school in India, beating even the most prestigious ones like the Doon School, Dehra Dun. The ranking has been done by Indian Market Research Bureau on the basis of four criteria.

Full details from NDTV

However, I would like to say here that the survey lacks credibility. Although done in a most credible and indeed, noble manner, the survey fails to stick up to its tag line of "Best School In India." It covers just 250 out of the millions of schools in India, choosing them on the basis and hype and drama associated with the name of these schools. Secondly, the survey grossly neglects South India, which has a higher literacy rate than the North.

Hence, fair and highly scientific this survey may be, i still say that a qualitative analysis with a much larger sample space needs to be done. Till then, DPS, I'm sorry to say that you're the best school among 250, not among all schools in India.

School website

Another Day Goes By...


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 22: JIIT1 received the remainder of their marks from the second IPE Test. Mounik Reddy has clocked a full 270 of 270, while 269, 268 and 267 are filled up by various students. Most students tanked marginally in either physics or chemistry or both.

The tension between JIIT1 and their Chemistry teacher Mrs. Sunita has continued, with many students now openly opposing her policy of handing out outrageous impositions to help students learn. Students argue that if she spent a little more time in actually teaching the equation, they could learn it without resorting to such crude measures.

Mr. Vara Prasad today in JIIT1 once again stressed on the fact that as per a Supreme Court directive, an IIT-JEE exam can be only of subjective nature, as the main aim of the test is to measure skill, and not qualification, since the Class 12 boards already test qualification. he also gave a few tidbits to the students about the new syllabus that the First Years would follow next year.

Another Second Language Test is scheduled for tomorrow between 4:15 and 5:00, followed by a study hour till 6:00. (OTFS)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Shut Up. Just Shut Up.

Once more the left has made it a point to go on a rhetoric. Wake up people, the Soviet Union opposed the US! And in case you haven't noticed, it's not there anymore...

If Russia (or even China!) has offered us the very same deal with a Hyde Act attached to it and perhaps even more restrictions, the Left would have pressurised the government to take it without delay. Oh, but when it's the US, all that talk on Communist/Capitalist that old Buddhadeb talks about goes bust!

Dissolve the government if you may. Call for elections. It'll get us all a holiday at most. This deal is on.

July 20 Statement from CPI(M)

Owaisi Should be in Jail

Akbaruddina Owaisi, MIM MLA, Andhra Pradesh

Mr Owaisi is wrong. No religion gives permission to beat up a women. Undoubtedly, Taslima Nasrin is no innocent woman, for she has without doubt tarnished a religion, but all the same, Mr Owaisi hasn't exactly maintained Islam's dignity through his acts either. His brutalities, including his threat to kill her in accordance with a fatwa (which clearly shows what a fundamentalist he really is) is plain illegal.

An Islamic Scholar explains these details further from a religious point of view in a Times of India Editorial.

Now Wear your College Too!


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 20: The college today issued identity cards to all students. The identity card bore the student's name, Group (MPc/BiPC/MEC), admission number, academic year and college branch with phone number, attested in green ink by the Principal. The college insists that students wear this around their necks throughout the day, but some students say that it's not mandatory. The management however, begs to differ. Still, no major advantage will come out of this move, as students will still not have the authority to deposit their cards and go out of the college during breaks, like in other colleges.

In other news, JIIT1 received their Chemistry marks while the other classes received their Maths 1(A) marks. Most students seemed satisfied with maths, but JIIT1 was left laughing, since the Junior Lecturer who had corrected their papers had not just overlooked major mistakes but had gone as far as to correcting them. For example, one student who had written his answer as '6' while the correct answer should have been '9' found that '6' had been struck off in red ink, '9' had been written in its place and a full mark had been awarded!

Mr. Sanjay Singh, Head Chemistry Lecturer, however, told students to be honest and ask for a deduction of marks. Initial reports claim that nobody has taken his advice.

JIIT1: In a much more shocking incident, the management activated the air conditioning in JIIT1 for a short 15-minute period, ceasing all speculation that the ACs were in reality, khali dibbe (empty boxes). Some students told this correspondent that the reason was because a directorial meeting is set to be hosted in the same room tomorrow, and it had to be 'cooled down a bit.'

In some more news from the top section, Maths 1(B) lecturer Mr Giri has officially left the SR Nagar campus and is now exclusively teaching in the Kukatpally Campus. Originally, he taught in both the campuses. In his place, the management has placed a new lecturer - Mr Alok Sinha (who knows negligible Telugu) - to teach JIIT1. The initial response from the class has been weak, but students have decided to give him some time.

And finally, the counselor conducted her first ever counseling session for JIIT1, in which after she scolded low-scoring students for the umpteenth time, students complained that they wanted Inorganic Chemistry teacher Mrs. Sunita gone. They cited the reason that she was confusing the whole class by contradicting herself mid-sentence. (OTFS)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

...Of Abuse, Studies and Religious Anguish


Reporting from Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad

Aug. 14: The ill-managed Second IPE Examination began today for the first year students began today with Maths 1(A): Trigonometry. Although many students were fearful about the IPE Examination, since it involved writing all the answers step-by-step and not by shortcut means a la competitive exams, which the students were not used to doing. However, all said and done, the exam did go well for most students.

Furthermore, it was announced that the next day, August 15, would be a holiday on the occasion of the 61st Independence Day of India. All students are requested to attend the flag hoisting ceremony in Campus 1.

Aug. 15: On the occasion of 60 years of Indian Independence, just thirty students from the entire SR Nagar campus - numbering over a thousand - attended the flag hoisting ceremony held in the campus by the management. The primary cause for this was that the next IPE Examination, Maths 1(B) is scheduled for tomorrow, Aug. 16, followed by Physics and Chemistry without a single day's break.

OTFS wishes its readers a very Happy Independence Day.

Aug. 16: Top-section JIIT today was the only class to receive the answer sheets of Tuesday's Maths 1(A) examination. In all, about ten students scored a full seventy five, while some scored a mark or two below it. However, a few students have scored a very poor mark. OTFS has learned that Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi, who has been insisting that all students score a centum in the IPE Examinations, will take care of the very low scoring students before the end of the week.

The Maths 1(B): Coordinate Geometry exam also went off well for most students today, although there were a few corrections that had to be made to the question paper. Many students have fore casted a full mark in this exam. However, lower sections especially JIIT4 have weak expectations.

Aug. 17: Many students were visibly disturbed today as they had less than six real hours to prepare for the day's Physics Examination. In general, most students consider this subject as being the ultimate acid test. Even the counselor was surprised to see that many students weren't even talking or eating during the break, choosing to study instead.

"This is a very bad habit. You should all have your breakfast and lunch in time. You can study after that," she advised students of JIIT1.

In another shocking revelation revealed to JIIT1 (and recorded by OTFS), it turned out that except the top section, all the other classes were given the whole day to study for the afternoon's examination. The management had apparently decided that the top section need not be given such 'privileges'.

The exam was a mixed bag, with a few students saying that it had gone well, and others claiming otherwise. Overall, the saving grace was that there were just a few numericals and much more theory, which made it far easier for the students. The Chemistry exam is scheduled for tomorrow, but most students are already complaining of sheer burn out.

Aug. 18: Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi attacked the students of JIIT1, hurling abusive dialogues in Telugu at students who failed to cross seventy out of seventy five in the Maths 1(A) Paper. OTFS had originally reported that such a move was imminent.

"I'll kill you"... "skin you alive"... "tear you apart"... were just a few of the words she used. To one girl*, who scored the least among girls, she used even more objectionable language when she claimed that she had scored low marks because she wasn't able to remember the formulae. She went on to scold people for losing even one mark, stressing that nothing short of the maximum mark plus (?) or minus one or two marks would be accepted. In this regard, she went as far as raising her hand on Saif, JIIT1, and even clutching his throat and threatening to "finish him off."

All this took place in the presence of Mr. Ram Prasad, Maths Lecturer, who was conducting a study hour for the students. Incidentally, he is also gaining the ire of the students who resent his continual habit to pop up and ruin their free periods. Mr. Ram Prasad however, made no attempt to calm down the oddly distressed Vice Principal.

The Principal also visited JIIT1 to tell the students that they needed to study longer at home (which students rightfully said was impossible, since they have at most three to four real hours of study time once they reached home). He once again implored students to tell him if they faced any trouble with the replaceable faculty, but after nobody replied, he merely told them that they needed to study at least fourteen hours a day on weekends and holidays.

The counselor once again reminded the students not to skip their meals for the sake of studying during the breaks, and also reminded them to submit Rs. 25 to the college on Monday for their ID cards (which the students have nicknamed Prisoner Card!).

But it started getting much worse after the break, when students of the Muslim community who had gone off to the terrace for their prayers were rudely interjected by the counselor, who claimed that some students of JIIT4 (lodged on the top floor) had complained that their prayers were disturbing them and that Mrs. Jhansi had revoked their right to pray everyday and had once again pushed it back to being exclusively on Fridays. This of course, caused an uproar, and the VP left the counselor to handle it. Although she tried her best to explain that the college could provide for the provision only on Fridays, the students refused to budge. The outspoken Saif of JIIT1 went as far as asking her whether they had committed a murder that they were being punished and humiliated like this. later however, he apologised for his rude behaviour, once the the counselor told him that she had no problem with them praying each day of the week, but that she could not overwrite the diktat of the VP.

The chemistry exam commenced with most students bearing a tired look on their faces. Again, the reaction to the paper was mixed.

Next week will not have an exam - much to students' relief - but the week after that will have the Third Unit Test once again consisting of IIT, AIEEE and EAMCET tests. Next week however, will have an English test. (OTFS)

Note: Real hours takes into consideration the time taken by students to reach home from college and to relax before studying, counted from the time when students leave the college in the evening (5:00 PM or 6:00 PM or indeed, later).
* Name withheld


Courtesy Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad, Aug. 17: Bomb hoaxes are keeping Jubilee Hills police personnel on their toes. For the second successive day, the police made a frantic search for an explosive device in a school in Jubilee Hills following a bomb threat call on Friday.

An anonymous caller phoned the school management of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Public School in Jubilee Hills and said that a bomb which could explode at any time was planted in the school. The worried school management told the students to assemble in the school playground and alerted the police. Bomb detection and disposal squads along with sniffer dogs scanned the entire school for more than two hours but found no explosives.

Jubilee Hills Public School, located just beside the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Public School, received a similar hoax call on Thursday and the police had gone through the same search-and-find-nothing routine. “We respond to every call seriously. Hoax calls by miscreants cause severe inconvenience to the public. We are trying hard to keep a tab on such activity and apprehend those responsible,” said M. Srinivas Rao, inspector of police, Jubilee Hills.

In another incident, a bomb threat to the Palnad Express from Vikarabad to Guntur on Friday delayed the train’s departure from Lingampally railway station by more than three hours. According to the police, a train ticket examiner found an unattended suitcase that did not belong to any passenger in the compartment it was found.

The TTE alerted railway officials at Lingampally railway station fearing that the suitcase contained a bomb. Officials detained the train at the station and alerted the police. The bomb detection squad was pressed into service along with sniffer dogs but only clothes were found in the suitcase. The train was delayed for three hours. The police is looking for the owner of the suitcase.<<

And may the Lord Almighty take away those who dare to infringe upon the sacred land of BVBPS to the very bowels of hell.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Man of the Millenium

Mahatma Gandhi

On the 61st Independence Day of India, I salute the man who showed me the light of freedom...
Facts on Mahatma Gandhi

Best Television Show (General Entertainment)


Has any show ever made me laugh so much?!
Smelly cat, smelly cat/It's now your fault smelly cat...
Watch Smelly Cat on YouTube

And So it Continues...

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Girls have proved once again just why they're called Bhavanites.
Full story

Sixty and Still Soaring

Opinions 24x7 Salutes India on her 60th Year of Independence.
The next sixty will be even better...
President's Speech
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Speech

Indian National Anthem

Maths 1B Exam Ends Well

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 16: The Second Maths 1B IPE Examination ended successfully today, with most students having finished it in less than half the alloted time on three hours.
Most students fel that the examination was very easyand many expected to get a full mark.
The Physics and Chemistry exam will occupy the next two days, withe the former being considered ad the real acid test. (OTFS)
Notice: OTFS apologises for the overdue blog update, which happened due to technical errors.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Week 10 Promises to be Disastrous

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 4: The long-expected announcement that college would be working up to six everyday has finally come, albeit it has been set to start from Tuesday rather than Monday. OTFS had earlier reported exclusively that this step was imminent.

The announcement was made slyly in the last period (study hour) to avoid any battles with the management on the issue. However, almost all students have greatly opposed the move, saying that it would adversely affect their studies. As usual, the management has refused to hear any of this.

Monday, the day of the AIEEE Exam, would be left untouched, but the new extended timings will come into effect from Tuesday onwards. However, it has been verified that nobody would teach in the extra hour, which would be an extended study hour. This has added to the students' fury, who say that one hour is quite enough to clear all doubts and that it's much easier to study at home than in college.

Some students have decided to bring a letter from their parents requesting permission to go home. OTFS also spoke to a senior student, who said that although the authorities would attempt to enforce the new timings in the beginning, eventually they would slacken. (OTFS)

NASA Launches Mars Probe

NASA has launched its new water-analyzing science probe to Mars. The probe will be used to analyze ice and dust samples on the red planet.

The prime aim of the probe will be to check if Mars' climate is suitable for the existence of microbes.

Story from NDTV
Reuters Report

Friday, August 3, 2007

Indo-US Nuclear Deal: A New Beginning

The text of the Indo-US Nuclear Deal has been made public by the Governments of India and the United States of America. With this, India and the US have entered a new era of bilateral relations.

The deal aims at making India an exception to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, while recognizing India's high-speed economic growth and its requirement of energy to feed that growth.

1972: President Nixon brings China out of global nuclear, economic and political isolation.
2005: President George W Bush brings India out of nuclear apartheid.

What the Washington Post has to say gives details on the deal
Full text on the deal can be downloaded from the Ministry of External Affairs website

Some Good Advice

Inside JIIT1, Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 3: Mr. Vara Prasad, Maths Lecturer, JIIT1 gave an encouraging speech to the students today. He told students never to compare their marks with that of their classmates. He stressed on the fact that each student had his or her different history and upbringing and hence, different weaknesses and strengths.

In an inspiring speech, he took the example of Ramesh, JIIT1, who had improved his total marks in the IIT Unit Test-2 versus the previous AIEEE exam. He told students that what was important was not beating someone else, but setting an achievable target for yourself and then making sure you meet it.

His words were taken in quite well by the students as they prepare for Monday's AIEEE and Tuesday's EAMCET exams. (OTFS)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Birthday Poem

There's a party going on outside
A beautiful princess sits amidst
grand cavalcades and cakes of peach
and white and snowy mist
Hark! Who is she, whose smile
Seems to envy
the shine of the moon?
Could it be, in form and soul!
Aye, it is she, in whose friendship
I bask and rest and roll
And now to cut a very joyous
And memorable story short...

This poem has been written by this blogger and has not been copied from anywhere

Tragedy Befalls

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch has bought Dow Jones. For the unenlightened, his News Corp. runs FOX News in the US and STAR News in India, apart from several others, all of which may be generalized under the title 'RUBBISH'. Dow Jones on the other hand, is one of the world's best-known and most respected Media Agencies. A marriage made in hell indeed.

About Murdoch
Full Story
Why you should oppose Rupert Murdoch

Morning Treat for Overburdened Students

Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 2: A Handicrafts and Arts group from Delhi today displayed their talents to students of all the class. The group gave five-minute demonstrations of three extremely beautiful paper-folding and -cutting techniques to enthusiastic students. The group also sold some copies of instruction manuals to students who wished to buy it. No fee was charged for the demonstration. It proved to be a useful mehtod to refresh students early in the morning.

In other news, the State ranks for Monday's IIT Unit Test-2 were released today. T Vaishnavi of JIIT1 bagged the 16th rank, Sushobhan Sen, JIIT1, the 19th rank and Abhiroop, JIIT1, bagged 44th. They formed the first three ranks of the SR Nagar Campus. In the subject-wise rankings, there were no exceptionally good ranks except for Sushobhan, who bagged 2nd rank in the state in chemistry, and Vaishnavi, who bagged 7th in maths.

Lastly, it is now all but certain that the college will impose a law forcing students to study in college till 6:00 PM from next week, as per sources. Only an official declaration is pending. (OTFS)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Best Song (Hindi)

Alvida, Life In a... Metro
Full statistics of the song

Embedded video from YouTube FIRST TIME ON OTFS!

Award for Best Movie (Hindi)

Swades: We, the People

This is my land. This land is my home. I can leave my home. My home cannot leave me.
For a thoughtful and profound image of patriotism and bringing rural India into the 21st Century, Swades receives the Opinions 24x7 Award for Best Movie (Hindi) in recent times.
More on the movie

Bad End to Worse Day


Sri Chaitanya IIT Campus, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Aug. 1: Students of Junior Sections described today as the worst day since the very beginning of the academic year. The cause was of course the fact that students were made to stay till 6:00 PM in the college as against the regular timing of 5:00 PM. As reported exclusively by OTFS yesterday, the cause for this extension of timings turned out to be something totally unrelated to the IIT Campus.

The management revealed that the cause was the fact that AIEEE and EAMCET sections had a Unit Test till 6:00 PM and buses would not leave before then. However, as usual, the m,authorities took advantage of this to keep even the students who do not go by college bus in the college. Except for JIIT1, where Mr. Shyam taught Physics for a short while, all the other classes had an extended and primarily pointless study hour.

Furthermore, new laws were enacted that gave the Class In-charges the authority to ask a lecturer to give the students homework. It is now imperative for all lecturers to assign a piece of homework each day for the students, and this will have to be done in a separate book which will be checked each day by the class in-charges. This is in addition to the existing examination schedule. as well as the weekly language tests, with English set to be held on Friday. Although students have complained on the severity of the decision, the management as usual says that it doesn't care.

And to top it all off, Hyderabad witnessed torrential rains at the time students were to be sent home. This caused further inconvenience to the students who went home by cycle or walk.

Lastly, the results for the IIT Unit test 2 were announced today with the updated key. The ranks have remained unchanged. Mr. Giribabu, senior maths lecturer, JIIT1 has told OTFS that the city top mark is 410/486. SR Nagar has clocked just 369.

And to add to the already overblown troubles of the students, sources tell us that Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi is considering a permanent change in college timings to 6:00 Pm from next week onwards. The move is expected to bring with it some controversy, especially over the question of bus timings. (OTFS)