Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NDTV Launches NDTV Arabia

Courtesy the Gulf Daily

NDTV launches channel

MANAMA: New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) yesterday announced the official launch of NDTV Arabia. One of Asia's largest private television producer of news, current affairs, business and entertainment, NDTV boasts of a channel bouquet that includes NDTV India, NDTV 24x7, NDTV Profit and Astro Awani.

The 24-hour free-to-air infotainment-based channel, NDTV Arabia is available on Nilesat and is estimated to reach between 70 million and 100m homes in the region.

With this initiative NDTV Arabia has emerged as region's first local and predominantly English Infotainment Channel aimed at the Asian expatriates.

"An estimated 31 per cent of the Gulf's total population and 56pc of the workforce consists of a heterogeneous population of expatriates, predominantly those from the sub-continent," NDTV chairman Dr Prannoy Roy said.

"Further, driven by the unprecedented economic growth and diversification, this expatriate population is rapidly expanding and with it the need for quality localised infotainment catering to them.

"NDTV Arabia has been conceived with the aim of filling this gap. Given the pent-up demand for such an offering, our expertise and our robust business model, we are confident of the absolute success of this channel and hope to break even very early," he added.

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JIIT1's New Timetable


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 31: A new timetable has been announced for JIIT1. The class will have a few minor changes in its functioning in order to accommodate revised timings for the ICON Star Batch (ISB). The peculiar matter in this is that their effective study hour has been shifted from the usual 4:10 PM slot to right after the lunch break! This is in lieu of the fact that their Interim Physics Lecturer Mr. Akbar Kamal is free only then!

Mrs. Jhansi is taking full advantage of this unusual change by continuously dropping hints that she would much rather prefer that all the students stayed back till 6:00 PM. However, a majority are against it. Still, she is leaving no doubts that in her opinions, students cannot study at home!

Apparently, the decision to allow all students to leave at 5:00 PM was not her idea: she was pressurized into it!

JIIT1 received their AIEEE and EAMCET marks, although students still have objections to the key. Mrs. Jhansi placed the cut-off for EAMCET at 100/160. (OTFS)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Late, Pointless Exam


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 30: A late EAMCET exam conducted from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM left most students cribbing about the extended timings. The Instant Poll revealed that Maths and Chemistry were exceptionally easy. Sadly, as most students hardly ever find time to solve Physics, it was generally rated average. However, those who did go around solving it - solving, not blindly guessing - said it was between average and challenging.

Yesterday's AIEEE Exam marks came trickling in today. Shockingly, the VP cornered five high-scoring students of JIIT1: Sushobhan, Abhiroop, Mounik, Pranay and Aditya, and gave them a long lecture about studying 'sincerely' and getting better marks. Interestingly, she told them that they should 'stop talking in the class' (which is humanly impossible) and to study 'for six hours a day' (which is also impossible, seeing as though the college timings would force students to study from 6:00 PM to 12:00 midnight everyday!)

As JIIT1 continues to be tortured, watch this space for further updates. (OTFS)

Monday, October 29, 2007

It's True

BSE Sensex hits an all-time high of 20,000. This, when just four years ago, it was at 3,000.

Vote for the NDTV Indian of the Year

One of India's best-known awards, the NDTV Indian of the Year Award aims to let the people choose their Indian of the Year in five categories: Politics, Sports, Cinema, Global Indian and Business.

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AIEEE Exam: Mixed Reactions


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 29: Today's AIEEE Exam, held from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM, showed mixed reviews as per the Instant Poll. Some students said it was easy, several more said it was difficult while a marginal section said it was average. However, expectations are quite lo.w In JIIT1, one of the toppers Mohit Agarwal indicated that he might get around 180, which is just half the total mark.

An EAMCET Exam would be conducted tomorrow. Although these exams no longer hold any value as such, the management still puts a lot of weight behind them in spite of the fact that their greatest weapon - shuffling (or the threat of shuffling) - has already been used.

The college also announced the syllabus of Monday's IIT Unit Test-6, which will be a cumulative test. Also, the new schedule for Jr ICON Chemistry was announced. The chapters Inert Gases and Environmental Chemistry have been shifted from Track 2 to Track 1 so that Organic Chemistry - easily the most important chapter for the IIT Exam - could begin. Over sixty periods have been assigned to this one particular chapter.

Tomorrow's strike by Auto Unions in Hyderabad is expected to cause some difficulties to some students. (OTFS)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Markets this Week (ended Oct. 26)

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A Spy is Born!


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 26: VP Mrs. Jhansi has taken up an additonal task: that of spying on students of JIIT1 during each class. Of course, she was notorious for this in JIIT2 and 3 previously, but she seems to have added JIIT1 to her bouquet after yesterday's shuffling, as the current section would constitute more or less the final batch for this academic year.

Mr. Vara Prasad warned JIIT1 today that the class of 53 students would eventually be trimmed down to nearly 30, meaning that more subtractions and hardly any additions were still in the offing. He also stressed that sincerity - not intelligence - was the ultimate key to success.

Students today were seen studying hard for Monday's AIEEE Exam. Interestingly, the largest chink of doubts during today's study hour came from Chemistry. And even more interestingly, the VP was seen in the teachers' chamber barking at students not to ask so many doubts in (Physical) Chemistry and to study other subjects too!

RK Replaced
JIIT1 finally got its wish: their defunct Physics (Track 2) lecturer Mr. Ravi Kumar was replaced today by "Physics Genius" Mr. Akbar Kamal, who also takes the ISB (ICON Star Batch). The initial reactions to his teaching have been excellent.

History Lesson!
Mr. Sarfaraz, who teaches most of Jr ICON inorganic Chemistry, delivered a history lesson to all his classes by forcing students to actually note down two pages worth of history notes about Noble Gases, complete with dates and characters! Of course, none of it would be tested in any exam. (OTFS)

Friday, October 26, 2007

200 Revs

As the Car and Bike Show completes 200 episodes, OTFS salutes the revolution that is NDTV Profit. And Siddhart Patankar, the host, still rocks!

CnB schedule

The 2007 NDTV Profit Car India and Bike India Awards

Shuffling Ends Smoothly


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 26: The college finally shuffled Jr ICON students on the basis of their last five IIT Exams in the lunch break today. AIEEE and EAMCET exams were not considered. In all, twenty two students were traded between JIIT1 and other classes. A large chunk of students who left were from a SSC background and most of the incoming students were from a CBSE background.

The entire process was quite transparent. Students could know their net aggregate by asking their JL. Sushobhan Sen topped the campus in terms of IIT Aggregate Marks. The shuffling was also fair. Md Saif, who had been threatened of being thrown in JIIT4 by the VP, landed in JIIT2 based on his marks. Sadly, three students of JIIT1 landed up in JIIT4.

No JIIT4 students reached JIIT1, but several were promoted to JIIT3. All promotions to JIIT1 came from JIIT2 and 3. The bulk of promotions went to the boys while the bulk of demotions went to the girls.

Mrs. Jhansi inaugurated each class with the customary lecture: study hard, be disciplined, ask doubts, if you get bad marks you'll be thrown into a special section called JIIT5, no absentees etc. She also expressed some doubts over whether all the students promoted to JIIT1 really deserved it. The important interpretation from her words is that there would be no more shuffling of students this year, except perhaps a few individual shuffles for indisciplined students.

The politically influential Group of 4 of JIIT1 retain their positions in the class.

School-wise, students of BVBPS and Chinmaya Vidyalaya now have have members each in JIIT1.

Other news
  • Mrs. Uma has told OTFS that the English workbooks have not yet arrived in the IIT Campus.
  • Students availing a fee concession for the first year need to ask their parents to fill up the relevant forms from the Account Dept. (Campus 4)
  • Rumours are abound that Mr. Akbar Kamal - nicknamed the Physics Genius of the IIT Academy - will be teaching JIIT1 instead of Mr. Ravi Kumar. Students have welcomed the proposal.
The Vice Principal asked the students who were shuffled to copy down any backlogs as soon as possible, as the syllabus could not be re-taught. (OTFS)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Racism isn't Dead

It's hidden behind a camera.

From TIMES Now

Shameless and very Common



Please read the story first.
This is not out of the ordinary. Child rights and practically non-existent here. And students are the worst off. Students are regularly beaten, humiliated, abused, tortured and any other term that implies the meaning of 'cruel and unnecessary physical and emotional pain' in the name of discipline.

Teachers are Gods. I agree. But some teachers are Satan personified. Let me not name one such teacher from my life (Mrs. M, I mean you). Such teachers seem to abuse the adage 'respect your teachers.' They do not respect students. They do not respect the integrity of a student. For them, students are like little ants that can be squished without remorse.

What's the remedy? Laws and awareness to begin with. But perhaps a more drastic measure would be fighting back. If a teacher slaps a student, humiliates him or her, why can't the student retaliate? A good measure of verbal abuse would shut the Satan-like creature up immediately. Why should students be made to run around the school? If they're late, send them back home! Tell their parents! Don't physically torture them!

Teachers who respect students are meant to be respected. But when a teacher forgets that a student is a human being too, then its time the teacher received some capital punishment too.

VP Softening Up?


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 25: Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi seems to have softened her hard stand against the non-academic welfare of students. She told a bewildered Pranay Reddy of JIIT1, whose rank has been slipping, that he should 'forget EAMCET/AIEEE, forget studies and just enjoy and watch TV and play games for a day or two' and that he himself would 'feel bored of not studying.'

She also let off the students who had not done their Online Holiday Assignments with a mild comment that they were 'not showing any interest.' This is a major deviation from her usual policy of terrorising students.

One source has told us that the reason could be that she had attended a few classes on 'How To Counsel Students' during the holidays and was implementing what she had learned.

Shuffling Deferred Again
Although the college once again postponed the shuffling for the Jr ICON students, OTFS has learned of some indicators. Mrs. Latika has told us that the college was doing the same thing in the other campuses: threatening to eventually shuffle students but continuously doing it. Also, Mr. Rajesh, JL, JIIT1 has told us that there are proposals to declare the list of students and their new sections on Saturday so that they could come and accommodate themselves on Monday after the AIEEE Exam, so that no time would be wasted.

He also told us that four students of JIIT1 would be dropped all the way down to JIIT4. Also, the college, in continuation of its corporate policy, will be training students of JIIT3 and 4 as NEON students in an ICON campus, it has been learned. The fate of JIIT2 in unknown.

Mr. Ravi Kumar Dropped?
Rumours have begun spreading that the college has replaced Mr. Ravi Kumar in JIIT1. For quite some time now the students of JIIT1 have been complaining that he is incumbent and concentrates too much on formulae than theory. With a recent string of poor marks coming in from the class, the VP seems to have taken this matter seriously. (OTFS)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Buy your Workbooks


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 24: English Workbooks for Jr ICON students will be available from tomorrow at the college stores. Students are requested to bring Rs. 75 for the same and submit ti to their JLs.

The college failed for the second day to shuffle students. This time, however, the management offered the reason that the office in Campus 4 (AIEEE/Headquarters) was busier than usual today. Shuffling would take place tomorrow. Also, sources tell us that SR Nagar would have just one ISB and all students alloted to JIIT4 would be sent to the AIEEE campus and JIIT4 would be dissolved. The news is however, unconfirmed.

Students who had complained iof discrepancies in their AIEEE and EAMCET marks and had asked for a reevaluation were yet to receive any news.

Also, ISB has done exceptionally well in their IIT, AIEEE and EAMCET exams. SR Nagar held a large number of ranks in the City Top 20 list. Mr. Jhansi, Vice Principal, has encouraged the Jr ICON students to take a hint. (OTFS)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NDTV Enters Mid East and Africa

NDTV entered the Arabian delta with the announcement of the launch of NDTV Arabia in September this year. The official launch is expected top take place in October, post Ramdan.

From BusinessWire:

NDTV Announces the Launch of ‘NDTV Arabia’
A 24-hour Free-to-Air Channel in the Middle East and Africa

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Friday, September 21, 2007 -- (Business Wire India)
NDTV today announced the launch of ‘NDTV Arabia’, a 24-hour news and infotainment channel that will mark its entry into the Middle East and North Africa region. This is a soft launch of the channel; an official launch will be around the end of October, post Ramadan.

NDTV ARABIA will be predominantly an English channel and content will be infotainment-based, with business, news and lifestyle showcased on a single platform for audiences in the region. The channel will be free-to-air, available on Nile Sat which is broadcasted to 100 million homes in the region.

Set to broadcast a mix of hourly news and business bulletins and longer reports, each bulletin will fit the appropriate Middle East time zone with an estimated 65% of its coverage to be LIVE news. The channel will also bring to the viewers some trend setting and award winning programmes from the NDTV bouquet like ‘Big Fight’ and ‘We the People’.

Announcing the plans to launch the channel, Dr. Prannoy Roy, Chairman, NDTV Ltd., said, “We are proud to announce the launch of NDTV Arabia, the first wholly owned region specific channel from the bouquet of NDTV. This launch is in line with our plans to initiate international expansion beyond our current core market and reach new target audiences. The aim is to give more and more people access to credible quality news and information from India and South Asia. Our next step for the region will be to launch further channels targeting the local Diaspora. NDTV Arabia is just the beginning”

KVL Narayan Rao, CEO, NDTV Group said, “NDTV Arabia is NDTV’s first venture into the Middle East and Africa as a customized channel. The channel aims to cater to growing interest in Indian current affairs and economy among a large population of Indian and South Asian origin in the Middle East and Africa.”

To start with the channel will broadcast news, business news and current affairs programming from India and follow it with adding local news content produced from its bureau in Dubai.

The technical parameters of NDTV Arabia are as follows: Nile sat TP 82 bouquet

Frequency: 12341 MHz (V)

Symbol rate: 27.7 MSps

FEC: ¾

SID: 3315

Video PID: 3386

Audio 1 PID: 3387

Audio 2 PID: 3388

About NDTV

NDTV Ltd, founded in 1988, is India's first and largest private producer of current affairs, sports and entertainment television. It is home to the country's best and brightest reporters, anchors, camerapersons and producers; 23 offices and studios across the country host India's most modern and sophisticated production, newsgathering and archiving facilities. NDTV has an unmatched track record of successfully launching three news channels: NDTV 24x7 is a clear leader in the English news segment, NDTV Profit, a 24-hour business plus channel, is India's number one business news channel, and NDTV India is amongst the country's leading Hindi news channels. As an organization, NDTV is committed to one cause: to use its extensive expertise, technology and reach to create unparalleled coverage of the latest in domestic and international news, sports and entertainment for viewers at home and around the world. For more information:

NDTV Q2 FY08 Results

From NDTVProfit


For the quarter ending September 30th, 2007

-- NDTV standalone revenues up 46% y-o-y. Revenues for Q2, FY 08 touched Rs.68 crores compared to Rs. 47 crores in the same quarter last year

-- EBIDTA rises to Rs. 2.66 crores compared to a loss of Rs. 5.18 crores in the same quarter last year.

-- Operational expenditure of Rs.65.3 crores (standalone) includes costs incurred for the launch of MetroNation: Delhi.

-- NDTV consolidated revenues hit Rs.77.5 crores, up 42%, compared to Rs.54.5 crores in the same quarter last year.


This is a quarter of execution. The NDTV group launched four major 24-hour channels this quarter:

-- ‘NDTV Good Times’: India’s first lifestyle channel. The channel is already the number one, most watched channel in its genre.

-- ‘NDTV MetroNation’ Delhi: The country’s first English City channel. In its first fortnight, MetroNation viewership is higher than many established national channels in Delhi.

-- ‘NDTV Arabia’: A 24-hour news and infotainment channel marked NDTV’s entry into the Middle East and North Africa region.

-- ‘Astro Awani Malaysia’: A 24-hour infotainment channel in Bahasa was launched in partnership with Astro leading south-east Asia media group

The News Operations:

-- NDTV’s English news channel retains its clear number one position with strong revenue growth

-- NDTV Profit, the business news channel, has widened its leadership position with a 57% market share (vs. 43% for CNBC) in the top six metros of India.

-- NDTV India was awarded “The Best Hindi News Channel” of the year 2007 by

NDTV Networks
(The ‘beyond news’ businesses)

The six companies under the NDTV Networks group are fully operational with CEOs and key management teams already appointed in each company.

-- NDTV Imagine: The NDTV Imagine team led by Sameer Nair is on track for a January 2008 launch of a Hindi General Entertainment Channel.

-- NDTV Lifestyle: Having launched its first channel, NDTV Good Times, the Lifestyle team is working towards the launch of its next channel.

-- NDTV Convergence: A team of 60 professionals have been hired and work is in progress to expand into mobile, lifestyle, news and entertainment.

-- NDTV Labs: The high technology centre for software services and products in the media space is in full operational mode and working on leads from several international clients.

-- NDTV Emerging markets: This has been a significant quarter for the Emerging Markets team with the successful launch of its Malaysia channel in the Bahasa language. The Indonesia channel won several awards and made a profit in its first year of operations.

-- NGEN: A 50:50 joint venture with Genpact, NGEN Media Services has established a 50 seat functioning centre and is actively working on four international pilot projects.

Part 1: Signing Up



I was naturally excited. I always wanted to win a scholarship: partly for the money, but mostly for the recognition and fame. After all, scholarship students were supposed to be a bright lot, right?

So I asked my class teacher Padmalochana ma’am whether she was in-charge of NTSE Registrations in the school. He said she wasn’t but guided me to Sucharita ma’am, who was. So I asked Sucharita ma’am whether the school would collect the forms from the SCERT or if we had to do it on our own. I for one was prepared with my own copy of the form that I had downloaded from the Internet beforehand.

She said that as long as there were enough students interested, the school would collect the forms. Being the headboy, the onus of collecting the names of interested students fell upon me. So I ran around all of Class 10 asking students if they were interested.

Of course, hardly anyone knew that NCERT conducted an exam called NTSE, and that the ultimate prize was a scholarship. So after a full period of explaining the ins and outs of the exam to eight sections (one of which was thankfully, nearly empty), I had finally collected over 30 names, mine being the first. Later on, several more students signed up.

And so after a few days, the forms arrived! I took the trouble of bunking a full social studies class (Rajeswari ma’am, bless her and her sleepy classes) along with a few friends and filling up the form. It was a bit confusing in the beginning. For instance, they asked us to choose our parents’ occupation from a list. Now, the list didn’t have particular jobs in it, but categories such as ‘technical worker’ and other things. In fact, the options were so confusing that many of us felt that our parents could fit into more than one category!

But after a lot of consultations with Sucharita ma’am and Madhavi Lata ma’am, we finally managed to fill up the forms along with a neat little picture of our innocent facesJ!

And that was the end of it till the actual date of the exam came. Or so we thought.

A month went by. Nothing happened. But then we received word from online sources (which is a fancy phrase for the NCERT website) that the exam would be held on October 15, 2006. The day was Oct. 14. Naturally, we asked Sucharita ma’am about the delay, but she seemed to have no idea either. After am long and somewhat heated argument, the school finally sent someone to collect the hall tickets from the SCERT.

So we finally had them! It didn’t seem exceptional in any way. It was the same paper on which we had stuck our pictures (the form had been carefully ripped off, of course) with our new hall ticket numbers on it. According to the instructions, we had to hand the hall tickets over to the invigilator at the exam centre.

Now, I hadn’t studied very much for the test. FIITJEE had conducted a mock-test and I had been one of three (!) people to have written it. Rajiv had also lent me a copy of a mock test conducted by Sharma Institute. These, along with my textbooks, were all I had. Thankfully, we had nearly completed our syllabus so I was sure of gaining plenty of marks in SAT. Shyama Priya and friends had even taken the trouble of borrowing an NTSE book from the library.


And finally the day came! It was a Sunday, since all these kinds of exams are always held on Sundays. I never understood why though: did the concerned organisation have this misconception that we did not enjoy Sundays? But that’s a debate for another blog…

Out centre was St. Theresa’s High School, which turned out to be very close to where I and Harsha lived. So on the morning of that fateful day, we picked up an auto and reached our assigned centre. Thankfully, the federal-run NCERT has a lot more brains than the state-run organisations like Telugu Akademi. So, our whole school was assigned the same centre.

And when I say our whole school, I mean our whole school. From my unscientific census, at least a hundred Bhavanites were present to write the exam! Most had worn their school uniform, although some of the more determined law-breakers wore civils. But after half an hour of chatting (wherein I had declared that I had no hope of getting through this exam and hence did not care whether it would go well or not), the invigilator (a strict and grumpy lady) came in and ordered us to dump our bags outside.

We obeyed, and in a little while we were given our answer sheets to fill up. It was the same as any OMR sheet I had seen, except that maybe it was of a higher quality. You know the old shaded and un-shaded circles˜, right? Once we filled up our details, we were given the MAT question paper. The paper was an hour and a half long.

It turned out to be easy; almost all the sequences and analogies were simple and familiar. Later on, it turned out that I was one of the few students who had felt that way. In the middle of the exam, some peons had come and had very systematically placed the examination centre’s stamp on out hall tickets. The invigilator signed in the requisite area, followed by us. Half-way through the SAT exam, our hall tickets were taken from us.

The SAT paper, which came after a short break, was also quite easy. In fact, the civics section had turned out to be easier than I could have ever imagined. One such question was something like this:

Read the following passage:

Anti-social activities are those that are against the society. They are bad. Any activity that disturbs the peace in a community is an anti-social activity. We should not encourage such activities.

Q: Which of the following is an antisocial activity?

(a) Walking on the road

(b) Selling vegetables at Rhythu bazaars (a term that I doubt anybody outside AP would know about. Just in case, it means a vegetable market run by the state government and selling goods at subsidised prices )

(c) Smuggling goods and murdering innocent civilians

(d) Going to school

Now, I wonder why we needed the passage to answer that one!

However, some questions required a fair bit of knowledge, such as the fact that Napoleon was inspired by Rousseau, something that only I was aware of.

But why I am describing the exam without talking about the school? St. Theresa’s High School was a missionary school and like most missionary schools, it too had an attached hospital and church. The furniture was so-so but it was built near the Begumpet Airport, so while I was trying to recall the scientific name of mankind I was inspired by loud booms of aircrafts working on a tight schedule (perhaps it was Air Deccan, whose schedule is tighter than Posh Spice’s jeans on a hippopotamus and whose success rate rivals Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage). Still, the atmosphere at the school was calm. I have always had his interest in churches, and I felt that the presence of a church was always a good sign, even though I was not Christian.

So finally, we ended our exam and returned home. Hardly anybody had any hopes of qualifying; it seems they had signed up just for the heck of it! And as for me, I never kept any hopes from any exam. Perhaps I need to do something about that.

About The National Talent Search Exam


NTSE is an all-India exam conducted by NCERT for students of Class 10 and 8 (and from the year 2007-08 onwards, for Class 10 and 9). The exam consist of three stages

* Stage One: State-level examination. The question papers are both of the same type as the national level papers, but are prepared by the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT).

* Stage Two: National-level examination. The question paper is prepared by NCERT and although it is of the same format as the state-level exam, it tends to be more difficult.

* Stage Three: Interview Round. Students who have qualified Round 2 are invited to a regional centre where an interview will be held for each candidate individually. NCERT tries to assign a centre close to the place of residence of the student. In case of outstation students, a travel allowance will be given by NCERT on producing the ticket. Air fair will not be paid for.

Each paper in Levels 1 and 2 tests a different skill. The first paper is always a Mental Ability Test (MAT). It consists of 100 questions, each worth a mark with no negative marking. All answers are objective type and are to be marked on an OMR Sheet will HB Pencil or Blue/Black Ball-point pen. However, the technique of marking in Level 1 and Level 2 is different. In the same way, the second paper is a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and aims to test a student’s aptitude in Maths, Science (including Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Social Studies (including History, Geography, Civics and Economics).

The syllabus for the SAT is the prescribed syllabus for students studying in a school affiliated to CBSE. NCERT determines the syllabus for CBSE schools. However, there is no set syllabus for MAT. General questions include spatial reasoning, word-word analogy, sequences and series, logical reasoning etc.

Where do I study from?
For SAT, one must be fully prepared to answer questions coming from the CBSE Textbook published by NCERT. However, some questions could come from outside this as well, although they will be related.

For MAT, once can go through the sample questions on the NCERT Website.

However, a complete and comprehensive preparation can be achieved using one of the many NTSE Preparatory Books/Study Materials available in the market and published by well-known private publishers. OTFS recommends using NTSE Study Material published by TATA McGraw-Hill. This is available at all prominent book stores.

Learn more about TMH

Shuffling Deffered


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 23: The college reopened today without much hype, but failed to deliver on their promise to shuffle the First Year students. The reason for this delay is unknown. Although the college management refused to divulge any details, OTFS has learned that it would take place either tomorrow, sometime this week or on November 1, but not beyond that. Furthermore, sources have told us that there is hardly any change from the original distribution of students and that the shuffling will only be a minor one.

Icon Star Batches?
Mr. Ravi Kumar told OTFS that not only would an ISB be formed for the first year, but multiple ISBs would exist. In Kukatpally, Jr. ICON has three ISBs. The number for SR Nagar is not known.

Also, the ISBs would receive a separate question (obviously of a higher standard) than the remaining ICON sections. How feasible it is to make so many question papers for the same chapters is a matter that needs to be debated.

IIT Exam Postponed
The college also announced that next week, instead of an IIT Unit Test on Monday, there would be an AIEEE test on Monday and EAMCET on Tuesday. The syllabus is considerably shorter and arguably easier than usual.

Also, the results of the AIEEE and EAMCET exams held before the vacations were given out today. The results threw up some surprises. (OTFS)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The OTFS Web Awards

Transparent, open and honest. We review two of the best-known news sites. Each category of comparison is based on observations from Oct. 1 to Oct. 17 2007. All points out of 10.

1. About the Sites
Owned and Managed By: NDTV Convergence Ltd. (a venture of NDTV)
Represents: NDTV 24x7 and NDTV India
Language: English
Beta: Yes
Uses Google Ads: Yes
Archive Search: Yes
RSS: Yes
Owned and Managed By: Web 18 (a venture of Network 18)
Represents: CNN-IBN and IBN7
Language: English
Beta: No
Uses Google Ads: Yes
Archive Search: Yes
RSS: Yes

2. Looks
First Sight NDTV: 8 IBNLive: 9
Articles NDTV: 9 IBNLive: 7
Ads NDTV: 6 IBNLive: 1
Videos NDTV: 5 IBNLive: 9
Homepage Links NDTV: 7 IBNLive: 8
Blogs NDTV: 6 IBNLive: 6
Looks (Total): NDTV: 41/60 IBNLive: 40/60

3. Verticals
Availability NDTV: 10 IBNLive: 8
Public Blogs (1) NDTV: 9 IBNLive: 1
Multi-web NDTV: 9 IBNLive: 5
SMS (2) NDTV 56388: 8 IBNLive 52622: 6
Telephone: NDTV: 5 IBNLive: Zero
Verticals (Total): NDTV: 41/50 IBNLive: 20/50

4. Interactivity
Common-man Reporting NDTV: 1 IBNLive: 10
Video Upload NDTV: Zero IBNLive: 10
Reality Programming NDTV: Zero IBNLive: 6
Interactivity (Total): NDTV: 1/30 IBNLive: 26/30

5. Navigation
Ease NDTV: 10 IBNLive: 8
Searching NDTV: 8 IBNLive: 5
Commenting NDTV: 8 IBNLive: 8
Font Options NDTV: Zero IBNLive: 8
Rating NDTV: 10 IBNLive: Zero
Navigation (Total): NDTV: 36/50 IBNLive: 29/50

6. Programming
Video Viewing NDTV: 5 IBNLive: 10
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SENSEX Crashes!

The Bombay Stock Exchange 30-share blue chip sensitive index, the SENSEX, reacted negatively to yesterday's remarks by SEBI on participatory notes (P-Notes).

P-Notes are an offshore derivative instrument (ODI) wherein an overseas investor can invest in India without having to register himself as a Foreign Institutional Investor (FII). This technique has brought in billions of dollars and has fueled the bullishness in both the Derivate as well as the Currency markets. The rupee has been rising to decade highs.

Speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Finance Minister P Chidambaram had said that the rupee was too strong for any sort of comfort. This "urgent" move by SEBI seems to be a corollary of this.

SEBI has not banned P-Notes altogether though it seeks to put a cap on them. It has given the industry 4-days for any feedback.

In light of all this, the SENSEX fell over 1,700 points at the very start of trade. Since so many stocks hit the lower circuit, trading was halted for an hour on the BSE and the NSE. The last time I had seen this was back in April-May last year, when the index had fallen by over 1,100 points in a few minutes. Like the last time, the FM intervened and clarified that capital inflow would not by any means be stopped.

An executive of DSPML clarified to NDTV Profit that the industry was aware that the proposals on P-Notes, if made law, would be negative in the short run but highly positive in the long run.

The BJP spread their propaganda.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10D: Forever and Beyond

An Opinions 24x7 Original Production

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Weekly Quiz 3


Oct. 16

1. Uranium, named after Uranus, was discovered by Martin Klaproth in 1789. In which country was it discovered?

2. What subatomic particle discovered by James Chadwick revolutionized the study of Nuclear Fission, since it could approach the nucleus without being repelled?

3. Which two nuclear physicists theorized the concept of a chain nuclear reaction to produce huge amounts of energy?

4. Which International body now regulates the export of nuclear fuels such a uranium?

5. If Uranium (Element No. 92) was named after Uranus, can you guess the names of Elements No. 93 and 94?

6. The first nuclear bomb to be dropped on Japan was named Little Boy, and the second (allegedly named after Sir Winston Churchill) was named Fat Man. How did the two differ?

7. Element No. 104, now named Rutherfordium by the general scientific community and designated Unnilquadium (un: 1, nil: 0, quad: 4) by the IUPAC, is named after American Scientist Ernst Rutherford. However, the name has a dispute behind it. What name did the Soviets want it to have?

8. Which husband-wife duo (pictured) were awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of Polonium and Radium, which they shared in 1903 with Professor Henri Becquerel?

9. Where did the world's greatest nuclear disaster take place on April April 26, 1986, caused by the explosion of Reactor Number 4 of the namesake Nuclear Power Plant?

10. Which International Organization of the UN received the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize?

1. Germany; 2. Neutron; 3. Otto Hann and Fritz Starssman; 4. The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG); 5. Element No. 93 is Plutonium (after Pluto, now no longer a planet) and No. 94 is Neptunium (after Neptune); 6. Little Boy was fueled by Uranium-235 while Fat Man by Plutonium-239; 7. Kurchatovium, in honor of Igor Vasilevich Kurchatov (1903-1960), former Head of Soviet Nuclear Research [more]; 8. Marie and Pierre Curie; 9. Chernobyl, in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (now Ukraine); 10. The International Atomic Energy Agency

Level: Moderate Good Score: 5

Read Issac Asimov's humorous essay on the Periodic Table of Elements

Source: Internet A Special Feature of OTFS

Friendship through Sport

The 4th CISM Military World Games was kicked off in Hyderabad this week by Indian President Pratibha Patil. The event would be the largest sporting event to be hosted by India in Hyderabad and Mumbai. In terms of stature, the event is second only to the Olympic Games.

Entry is free. Come, see a sporting spectacle!

Official Website

Holidays with a Catch


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 16: The college officially closed the first half of the academic year by declaring a week's holiday for Dassera. This announcement was made after both Senior and Junior ICON students wrote an unimportant AIEEE Exam.

But holidays always come with a catch. The college has implemented its scheme wherein students would be required to download a daily assignment from the college website From there, click the link Student Assignment and enter the User ID srichaitanyastudent and password iconneon. As the password indicates, this si an assignment for both IIT and AIEEE aspiring students.

Students would be required to download an print the assignments and then solve them. Solutions would be released the next day. Lastly, students would need to submit the answers to the college on Tuesday (Oct. 23), when the college reopens. All questions are objective type.

The Instant Poll revealed that the exam was average, although chemistry was tough. Interestingly, the college started the exam at 8:00 AM although it had not informed students that college would start at 8:00 AM! Hence, many students missed several minutes of the exam.

Sr. ICON has an added burden: the college has asked them to complete their record books during the vacations. This is the time when the complete-your-record-for-Rs. 400 trade truly flourishes in various quarters of the city! (OTFS)

Monday, October 15, 2007

TRS Shuts IIT Academy


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 15: The Student Wing of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti attacked the IIT Academy today, forcing it to shut shop at around 12:30 PM.

A little over noon, the activists stormed the college and demanded that all students be sent home. They shouted slogans and ordered students to leave. Our correspondent reports that they shouted in Telugu, "unless the Principal touches KCR's [K Chandrashekhar Rao, TRS Chief] feet, the college would remain closed." They asked students not to attend any more classes during the festival season.

Some speculate that their prime aim was to give the students a holiday (holidays are officially supposed to last throughout this week) and also to create a final bang before they "suddenly disappear," according to Mrs. Latika, English HOD.

First year students wrote an EAMCET Exam this year. The Instant Poll revealed that the paper was easy. Mr. Varaprasad confirmed that this paper could be taken as a standard for EAMCET.

A big question mark now hangs over the future of tomorrow's AIEEE Exam. Mrs. Jhansi has said that she can hold the exam at any time of the day, but whether TRS and other organizations will let her do so is left to be seen. (OTFS)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Competition for the Last Spot

An immediate change is required to OTFS' previous post, declaring Aaj Tak and Star News as India's worst news channels. I regret to say that another has fallen into the house of dust-laden cards.

IBN7, run by India's least-credible and extremely hype-mongering media network Network 18 (N18), is the fulfiller of the trinity. Apart from shows having poor taste, the channel has also been accused of encouraging some shop-owners into committing suicide!

Right from the very beginning the channel has been running behind people's private lives. One show I recently saw 2 minutes of was title किसने चुराया दीपिका का दिल?, which was cheap and vulgar to say the least। The channel runs behind movie stars like there's nothing beyond the. And to top it all off, the channel dares to claim that it was the best Hindi news channel in India, knowing well that it was NDTV इंडिया, not IBN7। Heck, people wathcing Hindi news can't read the channel's name!

And recently, on India Tonight (the one and only show worth watching on CNBC TV18), the managing editor of IBN7 actually had the honour of sitting next to Karan Thapar, loved and hated by all, and Barkha Dutt, India's best journalist!

At least we still have excellent options...

Saturday Sadism


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 12: The college left the students hanging over the issue of whether Saturday would be declared a holiday on occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr or not. It simply asked students to stay glued onto the news channels and newspapers. If the moon is sighted in Hyderabad and Delhi, meaning that Eid would be declared, students would be allowed to take a holiday. If not, college would go on.

The move has been criticized by students claiming that it was a major cause of inconvenience to students. The management, as usual, says it doesn't care.

Dassera holidays are scheduled from Oct. 17-22 (both days included). Monday will bring an EAMCET exam and Tuesday an AIEEE exam.

OTFS has received word that the final list for shuffling has been prepared for all classes. (OTFS)

Coming Up on TUESDAY:
  • IBNLive vs. The Opinions 24x7 Web Awards
  • The NTSE Story: How to Crack the National Talent Search Exam

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Infosys Declares Q2 Results

From the Website
Overall: Beat Market Expectations by a whisker
EPS: Below expectations (less than Rs. 80/share)
EBITDA Margins up by 2.5%
Overall Performance on a relative basis: POOR
Primary Dragger: Rupee Appreciations
Market Voices: SELL
Markets Today:
NASDAQ $51.96 -3.34 (-6.04%) INFY
1,976.00 -148.55 (-6.99) INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED

Story from NDTV Profit

Saif gets the Boot


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 11: Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi seems to have finally cracked the whip on Md. Saif-ud-din, JIIT1. She has openly declared that she would be shifting him to JIIT4 after the Dassera vacations even though his average mark was more in the range of JIIT2-JIIT3. She added that many students would get an average below him but she would still kick him to the last section.

This shocking statement - condemned by all students including the influential Group of 4 of JIIT1 - has taken the VP's hatred towards Saif to a whole new level. What started as a case of religious intolerance has now blown into all-out war.

Feedback Forms
JIIT1 filled their feed forms for the third time this year. This time however, we saw increasing complains against Mr. Ravi Kumar, Physics Track 2.

Holiday Fever
All students were seen today keeping their fingers crossed for a holiday on Saturday on account of Ramzan. This would be followed by Monday's AIEEE Exam, Tuesday's EAMCET exam (right after which students would be allowed to go home without any classes) and a long holiday for Dassera. Clerics in Delhi say that chances of Saturday being declared as Eid is nearly 99% certain. (OTFS)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sony's Big Bet

Sanjay Leela Bansali, critically acclaimed for his movie Black, is to launch in a month's time his new venture Saawariya. Apart from being led by two new faces - Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor - it is also the first Hindi movie to have been produced by Sony Pictures. In other words, it's the first Hindi movie to be produced by a Hollywood studio.

If anything, this movie is going to create a revolution. An amalgam is in the offing.

Download the music

Die at 18

CNBC TV18, part of Network 18 (India's most inefficient and corrupt private news network) celebrated the SENSEX hitting 18,000 by revealing some creepy posters with the yucky-looking 18 logo (right) on it. Odd, why it whould be celebrating this event. After all, when NDTV took over BSE by setting up BSE Broadcast, CNBC shunned the Exchange and chose the NSE. It says the NSE is the future of the nation. Does Raghav Bahalla's losing-house know that hardly anybody knows about the NSE, but anybody and everybody who knows of the existence of the stock markets knows about the BSE.

CNBC shunned the SENSEX and promoted the NIFTY like anybody cared about the Nifty. Numbers matter for publicity. How in the world can you compare 5000 and 18000?

So once again Network 18 is known for its hype. Perhaps one day, Bhalla will realise at last that NDTV is better. And thank God N18 isn't starting a lifestyle channel like NDTV. Apart from it being the very height of plain copy-catism, I for one wouldn't be too enthusiastic to see those two overgrown baboons on CNBC TV-18's Tech 2 (third-class compared to NDTV's Gandget Guru) shouting out meaningless words on another channel.

Perhaps NBC Universal will get some sense into its head and drop N18 for something better.

A most enlightening article from Business World

SENSEX on a High

The BSE 30-share benchmark index - the SENSEX - touched a new high of over 18,200 points today. It closed up over 4.5%, and saw the largest single-day absolute gain of 700+ points. In intra-day trading, the index recorded a record gain of over 1000 points.

S&P and other leading firms have maintained bullishness on Emerging Markets. The rise came on the back of some speculative compromise on the part of the Left in handling the Nuclear Deal impasse.

Investors are cautioned to watch out for a large correction some time soon.

More from

IIT UT-5 Resulsts Declared


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 9: The college declared the preliminary results for Monday's IIT Unit Test-5. In JIIT1, Mohit Agarwal topped with 349/482, followed by Sushobhan Sen (486) and Aditya (430). Mrs. Jhansi, VP, visited JIIT1 and did say that they should have done better, but her scolding was positively timid compared to her usual technique.

Lecturers have informed OTFS that the highest mark in the Kukatpally campus is 348.

There was also a rush to find out about the holidays supposed to be declared next week. Officially, the Dassera holidays are supposed to be from 17-2 October (both days included). Furthermore, OTFS has learned that the day of the EAMCET examination (16th) would be declared a hlaf-day so hat students could be simply set free. However, sources have told us that in the ISB (ICON Star Batch), it has been declared that the holidays would be shortened to just two unspecified days, the excuse being an excess of holidays this year.

JIIT1 has taken a strong protest against this. They say that the Kukatpally Campus did get too many holidays (at one point they had had fourteen successive days without college), while SR Nagar had worked for extra days. In all three IPE exams gone by, the SR Nagar IIT students had to stay back and study after (or study regular classes before) the exam, while in the SR Nagar AIEEE Campus, students had been allowed to go home after major IPE Exams. Furthermore, a large number of holidays had been missed out, including Varalakshmi Vratam. Also, the SR Nagar campus had written one AIEEE Exam more than any other campus. One Sunday had also been taken up a half-day.

There is also speculation that Saturday could be declared a holiday on account of Ramzan. (OTFS)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly Quiz 2


Oct. 8
1. In 1966 the military, headed by Juan Carlos Onganía, overthrew President Illia and started a military dictatorship that would last only four years. Which country are we talking about?

2. Which infamous dictator, who died by suicide, was well-known for his 'Aryan Supremacy' ideologue?

3. Pol Pot is a name connected to military hardship and genocide in Cambodia. How did Prime Minister/Dictator Pol Pot die?

4. On March 15, 1953, Soviet Dictator Josef (also spelled Joseph) Stalin died of brain hemorrhage. The USSR or Soviet Union for short was known to be 'America's greatest enemy.' How was the life of Stalin's daughter, in that context, ironical?

5. Which long-standing dictator of Iraq, now no more, likened himself to Josef Stalin?

6. Communist North Korea is known to be one of the least free countries in terms of availability of information and freedom of the the Press. Name the dictator (pictured) of this impoverished nation who has been ruling since 1994.

7. Myanmar (Burma) has been ruled by Military Dictator Than Shwe for over a decade now. In November 2005, without any warning, he shifted the nation's 120-year old capital to Pyinmana, a remote city. Can you name the original capital of Burma?

8. In 2005, Zimbabwe's dictator launched Operation Murambatsvina (Clean the Filth), the forcible eviction of some 700,000 people from their homes or businesses—“to restore order and sanity," although locals say the real reason was to forestall demonstrations against the crumbling economy (Zimbabwe has the world's highest inflation rate estimated at 1000% as well as an unemployment rate on 80% of population). Can you name this dictator, who banned BBC from reporting in the nation?

9. Who heads the ruling Guardian Council of Iran, which has the right to veto any law made by the government and who has banned all free press in the nation, tortured journalists and ordered the execution of homosexual males?

10. Which Prime Minister of India converted the world's largest democracy into a military dictatorship for some time by declaring a state of Emergency in 1975?

1. Argentina; 2. Adolf Hitler; 3. He died awaiting trial for his atrocities; 4. She fled to America and changed her name!; 5. Saddam Hussein; 6. Kim Jong-iI; 7. Yangon; 8. Robert Mugabe, aged 81, in power since 1989; 9. Seyed Ali Khamane’i, also known as the Ayatollah Khamane’i; 10. Indira Gandhi

Level: Moderate Good Score: 5

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

(Courtesy Proverbia)

Source: Internet A Special Feature of OTFS

IIT Exam Ends in Disappointment


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 8: The IIT Unit Test-5, the last exam exam before the shuffling, ended today in great trepidation, as initial reports trickling in in the last few minutes of college indicated that the general performance was poor. And of course, the VP is not happy. She is expected to address (read, terrorize) JIIT1 tomorrow.

The OTFS Instant Poll revealed that all subjects showed a mixed trend in tracks. In maths, track 1 was generally considered easy and track 2 medium to difficult. One a minuscule percentage of students from JIIT1 and 3 felt that the maths track 2 paper (coordinate geometry) was easy. In chemistry again, track 1 was fairly easy while track 2 was infinitely difficult. This was accounted to the fact that Mrs. Sunita - who no longer teaches the IIT Academy - did not teach a major section of the paper. However, reports have come in that Mr. Veeranjaneelu, recently upgraded to JIIT1, did give away parts of the paper to one of his classes. In physics, track 1 was again extremely easy but JIIT1 has a major complain for track 2. They allege that Mr. Ravi Kumar went through a highly complicated (friction) in fifteen minutes on Saturday, and students found it difficult to answer anything in that paper. Other classes felt that track 2 was moderately difficult.

India Wins!
In other news, India beat Australia in the Fourth ODI at Chandigarh today. Students who received this new on the sly through their lecturers rejoiced at the news. Thankfully, the management did not squelch the celebration by their usual diktat.

No sooner had the students finished their IIT UT-5 than the syllabus for Monday's AIEEE and Tuesday's EAMCET tests were announced. The syllabus is the same as the IIT Test. The exams will be followed by a long holiday for Dassera. (OTFS)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

IIT Fever Again


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 6: One phrase prevailed in the minds of students today: IIT Unit Test. The last IIT UT before the first internal-marks based shuffling is scheduled to take place on Monday, and the VP is putting all her (read, pressure) on JIIT1. She made several rounds of the class over the week, changing places and ordering students to study.

One interesting question that students have is how the VP could say that just 20 students of JIIT1 had been retained, when the last 'crucial' exam had not concluded! Mrs. Jhansi chose not to comment, but reminded the toppers of the campus to get into the top 20 state-wide.

ISB Troubled Too
The Icon Star Batch (ISB) 2nd Year too faced some trouble from the VP. Three students had been absent of Friday, reports our Special Correspondent. They are suspected of having attended the India vs. Australia ODI match held at Uppal Stadium. There is however, no confirmation for this suspicion.

Nevertheless, the VP told these students that no student of the Star Batch was ever supposed to absent (even if they had a fever). Then, she conveniently kicked them to a lower section (since Sr. IIT has only two sections!) (OTFS)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Google Universe

Select pictures from Google Holiday Logos

Happy New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Birthday: May 22, 2006

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Google unveils PigeonRank technology

Fan Logo

Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday: April 15, 2005

(Courtesy Google Groups)