Friday, October 12, 2007

Competition for the Last Spot

An immediate change is required to OTFS' previous post, declaring Aaj Tak and Star News as India's worst news channels. I regret to say that another has fallen into the house of dust-laden cards.

IBN7, run by India's least-credible and extremely hype-mongering media network Network 18 (N18), is the fulfiller of the trinity. Apart from shows having poor taste, the channel has also been accused of encouraging some shop-owners into committing suicide!

Right from the very beginning the channel has been running behind people's private lives. One show I recently saw 2 minutes of was title किसने चुराया दीपिका का दिल?, which was cheap and vulgar to say the least। The channel runs behind movie stars like there's nothing beyond the. And to top it all off, the channel dares to claim that it was the best Hindi news channel in India, knowing well that it was NDTV इंडिया, not IBN7। Heck, people wathcing Hindi news can't read the channel's name!

And recently, on India Tonight (the one and only show worth watching on CNBC TV18), the managing editor of IBN7 actually had the honour of sitting next to Karan Thapar, loved and hated by all, and Barkha Dutt, India's best journalist!

At least we still have excellent options...

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