Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Die at 18

CNBC TV18, part of Network 18 (India's most inefficient and corrupt private news network) celebrated the SENSEX hitting 18,000 by revealing some creepy posters with the yucky-looking 18 logo (right) on it. Odd, why it whould be celebrating this event. After all, when NDTV took over BSE by setting up BSE Broadcast, CNBC shunned the Exchange and chose the NSE. It says the NSE is the future of the nation. Does Raghav Bahalla's losing-house know that hardly anybody knows about the NSE, but anybody and everybody who knows of the existence of the stock markets knows about the BSE.

CNBC shunned the SENSEX and promoted the NIFTY like anybody cared about the Nifty. Numbers matter for publicity. How in the world can you compare 5000 and 18000?

So once again Network 18 is known for its hype. Perhaps one day, Bhalla will realise at last that NDTV is better. And thank God N18 isn't starting a lifestyle channel like NDTV. Apart from it being the very height of plain copy-catism, I for one wouldn't be too enthusiastic to see those two overgrown baboons on CNBC TV-18's Tech 2 (third-class compared to NDTV's Gandget Guru) shouting out meaningless words on another channel.

Perhaps NBC Universal will get some sense into its head and drop N18 for something better.

A most enlightening article from Business World

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i cant get enlightened by d business world