Monday, October 8, 2007

IIT Exam Ends in Disappointment


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 8: The IIT Unit Test-5, the last exam exam before the shuffling, ended today in great trepidation, as initial reports trickling in in the last few minutes of college indicated that the general performance was poor. And of course, the VP is not happy. She is expected to address (read, terrorize) JIIT1 tomorrow.

The OTFS Instant Poll revealed that all subjects showed a mixed trend in tracks. In maths, track 1 was generally considered easy and track 2 medium to difficult. One a minuscule percentage of students from JIIT1 and 3 felt that the maths track 2 paper (coordinate geometry) was easy. In chemistry again, track 1 was fairly easy while track 2 was infinitely difficult. This was accounted to the fact that Mrs. Sunita - who no longer teaches the IIT Academy - did not teach a major section of the paper. However, reports have come in that Mr. Veeranjaneelu, recently upgraded to JIIT1, did give away parts of the paper to one of his classes. In physics, track 1 was again extremely easy but JIIT1 has a major complain for track 2. They allege that Mr. Ravi Kumar went through a highly complicated (friction) in fifteen minutes on Saturday, and students found it difficult to answer anything in that paper. Other classes felt that track 2 was moderately difficult.

India Wins!
In other news, India beat Australia in the Fourth ODI at Chandigarh today. Students who received this new on the sly through their lecturers rejoiced at the news. Thankfully, the management did not squelch the celebration by their usual diktat.

No sooner had the students finished their IIT UT-5 than the syllabus for Monday's AIEEE and Tuesday's EAMCET tests were announced. The syllabus is the same as the IIT Test. The exams will be followed by a long holiday for Dassera. (OTFS)

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