Tuesday, October 9, 2007

IIT UT-5 Resulsts Declared


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 9: The college declared the preliminary results for Monday's IIT Unit Test-5. In JIIT1, Mohit Agarwal topped with 349/482, followed by Sushobhan Sen (486) and Aditya (430). Mrs. Jhansi, VP, visited JIIT1 and did say that they should have done better, but her scolding was positively timid compared to her usual technique.

Lecturers have informed OTFS that the highest mark in the Kukatpally campus is 348.

There was also a rush to find out about the holidays supposed to be declared next week. Officially, the Dassera holidays are supposed to be from 17-2 October (both days included). Furthermore, OTFS has learned that the day of the EAMCET examination (16th) would be declared a hlaf-day so hat students could be simply set free. However, sources have told us that in the ISB (ICON Star Batch), it has been declared that the holidays would be shortened to just two unspecified days, the excuse being an excess of holidays this year.

JIIT1 has taken a strong protest against this. They say that the Kukatpally Campus did get too many holidays (at one point they had had fourteen successive days without college), while SR Nagar had worked for extra days. In all three IPE exams gone by, the SR Nagar IIT students had to stay back and study after (or study regular classes before) the exam, while in the SR Nagar AIEEE Campus, students had been allowed to go home after major IPE Exams. Furthermore, a large number of holidays had been missed out, including Varalakshmi Vratam. Also, the SR Nagar campus had written one AIEEE Exam more than any other campus. One Sunday had also been taken up a half-day.

There is also speculation that Saturday could be declared a holiday on account of Ramzan. (OTFS)

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