Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shameless and very Common



Please read the story first.
This is not out of the ordinary. Child rights and practically non-existent here. And students are the worst off. Students are regularly beaten, humiliated, abused, tortured and any other term that implies the meaning of 'cruel and unnecessary physical and emotional pain' in the name of discipline.

Teachers are Gods. I agree. But some teachers are Satan personified. Let me not name one such teacher from my life (Mrs. M, I mean you). Such teachers seem to abuse the adage 'respect your teachers.' They do not respect students. They do not respect the integrity of a student. For them, students are like little ants that can be squished without remorse.

What's the remedy? Laws and awareness to begin with. But perhaps a more drastic measure would be fighting back. If a teacher slaps a student, humiliates him or her, why can't the student retaliate? A good measure of verbal abuse would shut the Satan-like creature up immediately. Why should students be made to run around the school? If they're late, send them back home! Tell their parents! Don't physically torture them!

Teachers who respect students are meant to be respected. But when a teacher forgets that a student is a human being too, then its time the teacher received some capital punishment too.

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