Friday, October 26, 2007

Shuffling Ends Smoothly


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 26: The college finally shuffled Jr ICON students on the basis of their last five IIT Exams in the lunch break today. AIEEE and EAMCET exams were not considered. In all, twenty two students were traded between JIIT1 and other classes. A large chunk of students who left were from a SSC background and most of the incoming students were from a CBSE background.

The entire process was quite transparent. Students could know their net aggregate by asking their JL. Sushobhan Sen topped the campus in terms of IIT Aggregate Marks. The shuffling was also fair. Md Saif, who had been threatened of being thrown in JIIT4 by the VP, landed in JIIT2 based on his marks. Sadly, three students of JIIT1 landed up in JIIT4.

No JIIT4 students reached JIIT1, but several were promoted to JIIT3. All promotions to JIIT1 came from JIIT2 and 3. The bulk of promotions went to the boys while the bulk of demotions went to the girls.

Mrs. Jhansi inaugurated each class with the customary lecture: study hard, be disciplined, ask doubts, if you get bad marks you'll be thrown into a special section called JIIT5, no absentees etc. She also expressed some doubts over whether all the students promoted to JIIT1 really deserved it. The important interpretation from her words is that there would be no more shuffling of students this year, except perhaps a few individual shuffles for indisciplined students.

The politically influential Group of 4 of JIIT1 retain their positions in the class.

School-wise, students of BVBPS and Chinmaya Vidyalaya now have have members each in JIIT1.

Other news
  • Mrs. Uma has told OTFS that the English workbooks have not yet arrived in the IIT Campus.
  • Students availing a fee concession for the first year need to ask their parents to fill up the relevant forms from the Account Dept. (Campus 4)
  • Rumours are abound that Mr. Akbar Kamal - nicknamed the Physics Genius of the IIT Academy - will be teaching JIIT1 instead of Mr. Ravi Kumar. Students have welcomed the proposal.
The Vice Principal asked the students who were shuffled to copy down any backlogs as soon as possible, as the syllabus could not be re-taught. (OTFS)

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