Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Spy is Born!


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 26: VP Mrs. Jhansi has taken up an additonal task: that of spying on students of JIIT1 during each class. Of course, she was notorious for this in JIIT2 and 3 previously, but she seems to have added JIIT1 to her bouquet after yesterday's shuffling, as the current section would constitute more or less the final batch for this academic year.

Mr. Vara Prasad warned JIIT1 today that the class of 53 students would eventually be trimmed down to nearly 30, meaning that more subtractions and hardly any additions were still in the offing. He also stressed that sincerity - not intelligence - was the ultimate key to success.

Students today were seen studying hard for Monday's AIEEE Exam. Interestingly, the largest chink of doubts during today's study hour came from Chemistry. And even more interestingly, the VP was seen in the teachers' chamber barking at students not to ask so many doubts in (Physical) Chemistry and to study other subjects too!

RK Replaced
JIIT1 finally got its wish: their defunct Physics (Track 2) lecturer Mr. Ravi Kumar was replaced today by "Physics Genius" Mr. Akbar Kamal, who also takes the ISB (ICON Star Batch). The initial reactions to his teaching have been excellent.

History Lesson!
Mr. Sarfaraz, who teaches most of Jr ICON inorganic Chemistry, delivered a history lesson to all his classes by forcing students to actually note down two pages worth of history notes about Noble Gases, complete with dates and characters! Of course, none of it would be tested in any exam. (OTFS)

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