Thursday, October 25, 2007

VP Softening Up?


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Oct. 25: Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi seems to have softened her hard stand against the non-academic welfare of students. She told a bewildered Pranay Reddy of JIIT1, whose rank has been slipping, that he should 'forget EAMCET/AIEEE, forget studies and just enjoy and watch TV and play games for a day or two' and that he himself would 'feel bored of not studying.'

She also let off the students who had not done their Online Holiday Assignments with a mild comment that they were 'not showing any interest.' This is a major deviation from her usual policy of terrorising students.

One source has told us that the reason could be that she had attended a few classes on 'How To Counsel Students' during the holidays and was implementing what she had learned.

Shuffling Deferred Again
Although the college once again postponed the shuffling for the Jr ICON students, OTFS has learned of some indicators. Mrs. Latika has told us that the college was doing the same thing in the other campuses: threatening to eventually shuffle students but continuously doing it. Also, Mr. Rajesh, JL, JIIT1 has told us that there are proposals to declare the list of students and their new sections on Saturday so that they could come and accommodate themselves on Monday after the AIEEE Exam, so that no time would be wasted.

He also told us that four students of JIIT1 would be dropped all the way down to JIIT4. Also, the college, in continuation of its corporate policy, will be training students of JIIT3 and 4 as NEON students in an ICON campus, it has been learned. The fate of JIIT2 in unknown.

Mr. Ravi Kumar Dropped?
Rumours have begun spreading that the college has replaced Mr. Ravi Kumar in JIIT1. For quite some time now the students of JIIT1 have been complaining that he is incumbent and concentrates too much on formulae than theory. With a recent string of poor marks coming in from the class, the VP seems to have taken this matter seriously. (OTFS)

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