Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly Quiz 2


Oct. 8
1. In 1966 the military, headed by Juan Carlos Onganía, overthrew President Illia and started a military dictatorship that would last only four years. Which country are we talking about?

2. Which infamous dictator, who died by suicide, was well-known for his 'Aryan Supremacy' ideologue?

3. Pol Pot is a name connected to military hardship and genocide in Cambodia. How did Prime Minister/Dictator Pol Pot die?

4. On March 15, 1953, Soviet Dictator Josef (also spelled Joseph) Stalin died of brain hemorrhage. The USSR or Soviet Union for short was known to be 'America's greatest enemy.' How was the life of Stalin's daughter, in that context, ironical?

5. Which long-standing dictator of Iraq, now no more, likened himself to Josef Stalin?

6. Communist North Korea is known to be one of the least free countries in terms of availability of information and freedom of the the Press. Name the dictator (pictured) of this impoverished nation who has been ruling since 1994.

7. Myanmar (Burma) has been ruled by Military Dictator Than Shwe for over a decade now. In November 2005, without any warning, he shifted the nation's 120-year old capital to Pyinmana, a remote city. Can you name the original capital of Burma?

8. In 2005, Zimbabwe's dictator launched Operation Murambatsvina (Clean the Filth), the forcible eviction of some 700,000 people from their homes or businesses—“to restore order and sanity," although locals say the real reason was to forestall demonstrations against the crumbling economy (Zimbabwe has the world's highest inflation rate estimated at 1000% as well as an unemployment rate on 80% of population). Can you name this dictator, who banned BBC from reporting in the nation?

9. Who heads the ruling Guardian Council of Iran, which has the right to veto any law made by the government and who has banned all free press in the nation, tortured journalists and ordered the execution of homosexual males?

10. Which Prime Minister of India converted the world's largest democracy into a military dictatorship for some time by declaring a state of Emergency in 1975?

1. Argentina; 2. Adolf Hitler; 3. He died awaiting trial for his atrocities; 4. She fled to America and changed her name!; 5. Saddam Hussein; 6. Kim Jong-iI; 7. Yangon; 8. Robert Mugabe, aged 81, in power since 1989; 9. Seyed Ali Khamane’i, also known as the Ayatollah Khamane’i; 10. Indira Gandhi

Level: Moderate Good Score: 5

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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