Monday, November 26, 2007

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Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Nov. 26:
The seventh IIT Unit Test concluded today with JIIT1 (ISB) having received a separate question paper. The code this time was a little star printed at the top of each page. The Instant Poll revealed that this was by far the most difficult paper ever. Mr. Vara Prasad, who has been perpetually expressing his displeasure at the paper standard, said he was satisfied with this one.

JIIT1 (ISB) - the only class that had to write this paper - rated both papers as difficult. Many students do not expect to qualify on the basis of the theoretical Trackwise cut-off of 30 marks. However, most are expected to qualify in the overall cut-off.

Physics Track-1 was rated by far the most difficult paper yet, followed by Maths. The average marks in both the maths papers is less that 40/81.

Nov. 27
As the results came in, students realised the full-blown effects of an IIT-standard paper. Divya Ravi topped with 328, followed by Abhiroop (326), Sushobhan (306) and Mohit (304). Nobody else scored above the crucial 300 mark. However, key changes and bonuses - especially in Organic Chemistry - were not accounted for. The net mark is expected to rise.

Mrs. Jhansi continued to terrorise JIIT1. Deepak, whose score is extremely low, was dropped to JIIT2, making him the fourth victim of this moving-class policy (although Victim 3 Sandeep has returned after showing a good performance in IPE during his week in JIIT4).

The college also held an IPE Exam for mathematics today on the same syllabus as yesterday's exam. The paper was rated very easy on the Instant Poll. All classes wrote this paper.

Mr. Sarfaraz has told OTFS that both the ISB and the non-ISB papers in Organic Chemistry were too lengthy.

The syllabus for Monday's AIEEE and Tuesday's EAMCET exams will be the same as the IIT Exam. The syllabus for Thursday's Language 2 exam was also released. Interestingly, the CBSE-SSC divide became more pronounced in organic Chemistry, as the average mark for SSC students there was close to 40, while that for CBSE students was over 50. The difference in Class 10 syllabus is cited as the reason by the JIIT1 think-tank.

Last week, Mr. Giribabu returned from his pilgrimage to the Ayyappa Temple. Mr. Shyam has gone on leave due to a viral fever and is being substituted temporarily by Mr. Dutta, but JIIT1 claims that he is unable to teach effectively and a lot of marks are at stake. Mr. Shyam will however, return.

JUST IN| IPE Dates Announced
The Board of Intermediate Education released the schedule for the 2008 Intermediate Public Examination. The following is the schedule for First Years:

Timings: 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM at respective centres (English medium)
March 5, 2008: Second Language
March 8, 2008: English
March 11, 2008: Maths 1A
March 13, 2008: Maths 1B
March 15, 2008: Physics
March 18, 2008: Chemistry
(Source: Eenadu, November 27, 2007 issue)

Projects for Environmental Education are to be submitted by Dec. 31, and classes for it would be on Feb. 1. Contact college management/senior students for more. It is hereby notified that 25% of marks from Group Subjects (non-languages) would be included for EAMCET from the academic year 2007-09 onwards.

The BIE Website might help you further. (OTFS)

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