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Movie Review: Om Shanti Om

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Well….my friend Sushobhan has suggested that I write a movie review on the recently released and arguably the most awaited film of the year ‘Om Shanti Om’. And I thought "why not?"

Getting to the topic... ‘Om Shanti Om’ is, to some extent , Karz 2007, in style! It has everything…stars, glamour (and how!), cool quotient…(31 stars on screen!) and of course the famous brand name of Shahrukh Khan, and Deepika Padukone who’s already the next big thing in tinsel town, as the lead couple. And not to forget…the tag line ‘A Farah Khan film’ (she could even go running around saying Main Hoon Na!)

It’s a decent, high budget flick with Farah Khan showing Shahrukh like never before…he’s literally had a makeover at 40; he’s much younger and sizzles onscreen! As for the story, it's one about how a junior artist (Shahrukh- Om Prakash) loves and adores a big star in the 70’s (Deepika aka Shanti Priya ) and then dies trying to save her from the wrath of her husband, played by Arjun Rampal (fair enough), but even she dies (big surprise!). The second half deals about how he is reborn as Om Kapoor, son of yesteryear hero Rajesh Kapoor, and makes Arjun Rampal suffer for killing the actress 30 years ago, although the film now possesses a stylish look (he is aware of his previous birth, in your face Ekta Kapoor!) The plot and the plan are well pictured and shot in beautiful sets. The film also has good performances from Kirron Kher and Shreyas Talpade.

A musical lover is offered a feast with all the songs topping the charts, especially dard-e-disco where Shahrukh Khan shows off his now very-popular 6 pack abs! And the title track is not to be missed, with almost everybody who’s somebody in Bollywood showing up…hats off to Farah for that! The story is medium paced and has healthy comedy (with stars again!)…the movie is worth watching for its glamour, oomph and for Shahrukh , of course!

Well, frankly speaking, it's working because of him!

Its pretty natural for the viewers to expect a lot from this film, as it was highly publicized and one which people longed to see…but I’m afraid the film disappoints to some extent…there is lack of logic in the story…reincarnation is something you can't expect the audience to believe in today, not the mention the stale storyline. It's not the usual Shahrukh Khan movie types…a cute love story, some fighting in the middle and how our hero wins the lady love in the end…. it's not even something like ‘Don’…heroism at its peak! But yet…Om Shanti Om is one film which serves the ultimate purpose of cinema…to entertain (ala RK Narayan?) It is entertaining from top to bottom: six pack abs that I just gaped at (lols :-)), the super cool Shahrukh , the pretty Deepika doing her bit well (it's her debut) and, for all you action lovers out there, there’s a bit of that too. To sum it all up… Om Shanti Om… is a 100% commercial flick that has all the elements for everyone: romance, action, suspense, comedy: the works!

A must watch for all those who love Shahrukh and for the others….well….it's the best thing available out there in this boring wintry season!


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