Thursday, November 1, 2007

Political Parties: 2; VP: 1


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Nov. 1: The college witnessed a temporary ruckus today when members of the Telengana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) cracked down on the various campuses as part of their Black Day on the occasion of Andhra Pradesh Formation Day.

Around noon, the roads were clogged with protesters demanding the closure of various junior colleges in the area. However, the IIT Campus lay firmly secure. From the outside, nobody could have guessed that over five hundred students were being stored here. The AIEEE Campus was not that lucky, however. The TRS activists managed to rampage the first floor of the building and set the students there free. However, by then the police had been called and they dispersed the crowd.

Meanwhile, in the IIT Academy, there was a surge of adrenalin as everybody was anxiously waiting to be sent home. Some students of JIIT4 had actually packed up their bags! However, nothing materialized and, apart from closing the windows for a few hours, life was pretty much normal.

This is the third time such protesters have tried to hamper the functioning of the college. They won twice (once during the early months of college, and once before the vacations, both of which were reported exclusively by OTFS), but Mrs. Jhansi won this time!

IPE Exam: The Consequence of Bad Marks
Now that the official shuffling is over, JIIT3 and 4 have been converted into NEON sections on the sly. This is evident from the fact that these two sections have a compulsory IPE exam tomorrow and the day after, similar to the system in the AIEEE campus.

Furthermore, the management has declared that the ideal strength of any ISB would be not more than twenty students. So, based on Monday's IIT Exam and also the December IIT Exam, another minor round of shuffling would be held. However, the JL of JIIT1 (Jr ISB?) told us that the Top 30 students need not worry.

In other news...
  • High level meeting of college administrators held in the IIT Campus today
  • Today marks the first day of the final two months of the year, at the end of which the full attention of the faculty is expected to turn towards the Intermediate Public Examination to be held in March.

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