Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Virtual Martial Law in JIIT1


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Nov. 14: As results of Monday's contracted IPE Exam came in, Mrs. Jhansi, VP, decided to show her true mettle. Sudhir of JIIT1 (ISB), who scored an extremely low mark of just 19 of 50 in maths, was shifted to JIIT4 with immediate effect, generating ripples of fear throughout the class.

The cut-off was placed at 15 of 20 for both chemistry and physics and at 40 of 50 for maths. The minimum overall cut-off - yes, a cut-off in a subjective exam - was at 90% of the maximum mark i.e., 81 of 90 or 243/270, as the marks would be tripled.

With this knowledge, students made a beeline to the JLs to have their marks adjusted so that they would enter the sphere of safety, as it became apparent that the VP was serious this time.

United we Stand
In addition to the students, the JLs (class in-charges) too were under tremendous pressure. They had received explicit orders to correct the papers strictly. However, this protocol was broken once it was apparent what the VP's intentions were. Marks were freely dispensed after that so that a majority of the students would be safe.

Three cheers for the JLs!

The List
A list has been prepared for each class, wherein the roll numbers of those who have not qualified in each subject have been underlined. This is being called the 'list of doom' as it is those students who have not qualified who would face the VP's wrath.

In addition, in JIIT1, four names have been assigned a star. Sources have told OTFS that these students were to be shifted to JIIT4, or were in imminent danger of being shifted to JIIT4. All four of them scored a single-digit mark in Physics. One of these students is Sudheer of JIIT1, who was transfered immediately because of poor performance in all three subjects.

Saif Storms Out
In other news, there was another spat between the VP and Saif of JIIT2. A source tells OTFS:
"Saif had gone to Mr. Nanda Gopal to ask for some marks in his IPE Physics Paper. Mrs. Jhansi came in just then and, knowing that Mr. Nanda Gopal was quite liberal with marks, interfered and told Saif that he had no right to demand a change in marks. Saif got angry and told her that the JL had not corrected his paper properly. In anger, she tore his answer sheet, upon which she and Saif had a heated argument. The end results was that Saif picked up his belongings and stormed out of the IIT Academy."

OTFS would like to add that contrary to rumours in JIIT1, Saif has not (yet) been transferred to the AIEEE Campus. (OTFS and sources)

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