Monday, December 24, 2007

Another Holiday


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Dec. 24: The IIT Unit Test-9 invoked mixed response from students in the Instant Poll. In Paper 1, Physics was declared medium, chemistry easy and maths tough. In Paper 2, Physics was declared medium-easy, Chemistry easy and Maths easy. So far, the highest expectation has been at 360.

In the non-ISB Sections, the paper was overall declared moderate, although very high marks are not expected.

In last week's AIEEE Exam, Divya Ravi bagged the state-wide 6th rank and Sushobhan Sen the 8th rank. Divya Ravi also bagged the state-wide second rank in EAMCET.

Record Made
Mr. Giri Babu made a record today when he complete two chapters in JIIT1 in an hour! The reason for this speed is that he would be going to Sabrimala Temple next week and the syllabus would've been lagging otherwise.

IPE Test for JIIT1
JIIT1 has been included for the IPE Test to be conducted on Dec. 31. Students have of course, panicked, since this class is terribly unprepared for subjective exams, even as speculation looms as to whether

All Sri Chaitanya students have been given a holiday tomorrow on the occasion of Christmas. It follows a Saturday - Dec. 22 - in which a shocking twenty students were absent in JIIT1. The Vp took a tough stance on this and called up the absentees to scold them. She even told some students today not to make a compulsive habit out of it! (OTFS)

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