Monday, December 24, 2007

The BJP has Lost!

And Narendra Modi has won! Clearly, the people of Gujarat have voted for Modi: the BJP won simply because Modi is in the BJP. The five odd candidates who had split from the Sangh Parivar to fight Modi in spite of being in the BJP, have lost.

So what's ahead? Obviously, Modi can look a larger role in the Federal Government. The man who had brought his party four consecutive victories in India's fastest-growing state is not somebody to take lightly. His economic policies are loved by industrialist - a fact that the stock markets have confirmed (the BSE Sensex was up 650 points today, led by any and all companies that were related to Gujarat).

On the other hand, the man who unleashed a wave of carnage in 2002 and brought shame to the state cannot be expected to be welcomed with open arms by the rest of the country. However, at a time when the UPA Government is arousing anger among the influential middle class because of its communal stance and quota regime, Modi is definitely somebody who could bring back some 'hindutva' to the nation. You decide if that's good or bad.


Anonymous said...

It is disgusting to see , people unable to digest the victory of Modi. In the past 5 years after the carnage of 2002, Gujarat was a ocean of peace. The state prospered , people benefitted. There were no suicide of farmers. Mr Sen should remember that those who have elected Modi are not fools, who are carried away by some propaganda as Mr Moily Say ( Bad Looser).Then please interprete every election victory as that. We should vote for a man who provides Roti, Kapada and Maakan. To Hell with isms. TO cry hoarse over the 2002 carnage ( which is shameful ) why are we quiet on Nandigram carnage. Why are we quiet on the state sponsered riot of 1984. May be Modi was the favourite whipping boy, who had defeated all single handedly. Hence his victory is very very bitter to most of the so called secularists who are quiet over Nandigram . I call upon the communists to react. How different is the state sponsered carnage at nandigram to that of 2002 Gujarat and that of 1984 riot. In that case how secular are they when they are in the power along with the rioters of 1984.

Anonymous said...

It was funny to see Star News behaving like a Congress Stooge on the day of the Victory. The presenterder appeared to have lost his bearing who started going back on Vadodra , L K Advani should answer etc. How convinently he had forgotten about the stripping of an Advasi lady in Assam in full public view. Is it different. Why is that not questioned now ? . The torch bearers of secularism might have felt that the stripping was done to the woman who belongs to the majority community, so why shout. No one has condemned to the extent , that was done by the striking people of Assam. They tried their best to draw the nation's interest. But alas it did not had a communal overtone. All is quiet in the Mayavatis, Laloo's and the Mulayam's front in this case.