Monday, December 3, 2007

In Hope of 200


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Dec. 3: A weekend AIEEE test was concluded today for the juniors and, for the first time, it could truly be called a cumulative test as question from a wide spectrum of chapters appeared. However, Physics had some serious correction. Five question were declared out of syllabus, and two had no solution!

The Instant Poll rated this paper average. Once again, many students did badly in Organic Chemistry. Mr. Sarfaraz, organic chemistry lecturer, has taken cognizance of this and says that he 'will take measures,' one of which includes holding an oral test (something not common so in Sri Chaitanya) on Thursday for JIIT1. Interestingly, many students in JIIT1 failed to score even 10 correct answers off of 18 questions in his track!

An EAMCET exam would be conducted tomorrow on the same syllabus. Most students say they don't care for EAMCET, and even the management is somewhat lackadaisical on it, but the Vice Principal is clear that she wants 200+ marks from JIIT1.

The AIEEE paper was common for all classes. No separate ISB paper was made. Mr. Nanda Gopal told OTFS that the paper was common between only SR Nagar and Kukatpally, the two most premiere day scholar IIT Academies in Hyderabad. (OTFS)

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