Monday, December 17, 2007

IPE or AIEEE: Which Paper was It?


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Dec. 17: The AIEEE PArt Test-4 held today received a moderately tough rating on the Instant Poll, chiefly due to the fact that the exam seemed more like IPE than AIEEE. JIIT1 said that the question asked - particularly in Maths - were so lengthy they could've been awarded a good seven marks rather than just 3 apiece.

While Chemistry was also rated lengthy though not as tough as maths, Physics was largely seen as simple. so far, OTFS has found the highest quoted projected mark to be at 220 from JIIT1.

Sr. ICON Examinations
The Second Year students wrote an IIT Unit Test yesterday and today they wrote an ICON AIEEE Test followed by an EAMCET Test.

'Stay Till 6:00'
In a move that angered all students, the IIT Academy forced students to stay back till 6:00 PM because the AIEEE Campus was holding an EAMCET examination and buses would not leave till 6:00 PM. Students say this was unfair and that they should be allowed to go home. There was also speculation that this was punishment for the students for having supported the SFI Rally on Friday and Saturday. However, IT Academy students point out that it was the AIEEE Campus that had been active in this, not the IIT Campus.

Sneha, student of the AIEEE Campus, told OTFS over orkut how she felt on Saturday: when SFI Activists held their rally and went crazy destroying furniture and pelting stones. The IIT Academy too received a stone. Although nobody was hurt, Sr. ISB was shifted to the French Room to avoid any shattered glass. Sneha says:

"They just broke in so badly! We got so scared! They broke tables and chairs... many girls started crying!! They threw stones and it hit our class' window!! My friend was jus sitting in front of the window u know... she was crying so much! Till now, they had never come in and hit anybody!! OMG [Oh! My God!]!

The AIEEE Campus was closed for the second day running. (OTFS)

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