Thursday, December 13, 2007

O vs. M

Opera Inc. - the makers of the world's first browser with tabbed browsing - has filed a case against Microsoft for discouraging competition by closely associating Internet Explorer with its monopoly-holding operating system Windows, NDTV Profit reports.

The is not the first time MSFT has been booked in the EU court for its actions. From being a new technology company started by college students, Microsoft has, unfortunately, grown into a mighty dictator.

Sky-high prices and increases security glitches are now threatening Microsoft's territory. Already, Mozilla's FREE and SECURE browser Firefox has eaten up a large chunk of IE's market share. IE7 hasn't made the waves it was expected to, as did Vista.

Windows Live is perhaps MSFT's first sign of realization that FOSS is here to stay. But maybe it's just too late. With Linux set to join the ring, the days of the Netscape-Explorer wars are just about to come back. And this time, the consumer takes all.

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