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Sri Chaitanya, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Dec. 14 (from the IIT Academy): The story of a girl from Sri Chaitanya, Vijaywada (EAMCET Campus), who committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the college sent tremors throughout the colleges throughout the state run by Sri Chaitanya. Except SR Nagar, all other branches were closed. Naturally, the Students' Federation of India (SFI) wasn't happy about it!

What Happened in Vijaywada
OTFS learned from students that in Sri Chaitanya, Vijaywada, a girl committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the college. While the management says that the girl's parents were compelling her to drop her studies and tie the knot before turning eighteen, the parents say that they had agreed to marry her off only after she became a major and it was actually the college that was putting too much pressure on the girl and scolding her for her performance in each and every exam, thus amounting to mental abuse.

While both stories seem plausible (early marriages are AP's second Sati), SFI believe that the college was to blame. Many students shared the same view

In Hyderabad
Meanwhile in the city, all the campuses were shut except in SR Nagar. That is, until noon...

The Attack
SFI initially stormed SR Nagar HQ in the AIEEE Campus. By noon, all the students in the AIEEE campus were sent home. However, the IIT Campus remained resolute.

Windows were closed and students were asked to shut up to keep the activists out. However, this failed and by 12:40 PM SFI Activists had broken through. They stormed into JIIT2 on the ground floor and declared SFI Zindabad (long live SFI) and asked them to go home, while they were being blocked by VP Mrs. Jhansi.

However, her attempst failed and the activists eventually reached the first floor - which houses both the ICON Star Batches - and ordered JISB to go home. SISB was however, banned from leaving and the VP seemed dead serious about it. As this article is being written, SISB is still in college.

A source told OTFS that the SFI Activists warned that although they were facilitating the students' exit, they would not help them if they returned. Shockingly, some students actually did go back in!

Most however, beat a hasty retreat and went home en masse. The VP was not very pleased that JISB was allowed to go home, but she had no choice. She did not fail however, to shout at a few students, who told OTFS later.

Fourth Time
Since the beginning of the academic year, this has been the fourth time (and the third successful time) that any political establishment has closed the college in between classes. SFI has also redeemed its image a bit, as it was considered a losing establishment by all students. This is the first time that an SFI-sponsored shutdown was successful this year.

The pink pages also report that SFI will be holding a bike rally tomorrow. Many parents are expected to keep their students home tomorrow so as to avoid any trouble.

In Memory
OTFS remembers the girl in Vijaywada who gave her life for whatever reason. Although this incident will in no way change either the attitude of Corporate College or the anti-girl sentiments that still prevail in India, perhaps the loss of a precious life will remind us that tyranny and discrimination haven't gone yet. But there is always hope. (OTFS)

For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
[1 Timothy 6:7]

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