Saturday, December 1, 2007

She WILL have the Last Laugh


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Dec. 1: Mrs. Jhansi put up one last spirited attempt to halt the Bhavan's students from attending their school Sports Day. She started by asking them why they wanted to leave at 12:15 PM for a programme that starts at 2:30 PM and ended by telling them to study hard. The group was led by Sushobhan and Divya Ravi.

Interestingly, it was these two who got the most flak from her. "You will study hard and get above 300 in AIEEE on Monday," she told those two. Some would say it was solely because they were there that the entire group of nine was allowed to leave!

The newly-promoted-to-JIIT1 students took their place today. This was done to fill the void created by the transfer of three students of other classes.

The Principal spoke to the top 5 rankers of JIIT1 today. He mostly made comments on those who failed to qualify in some track (including both the top rankers), while Mrs. Jhansi added comments on the others.

Cold Morning
Dec. 1 proved to be a cold morning, as the weather report clearly shows. Yesterday's minimum temperature was 13 C, one of the coldest this year. However, by the afternoon, the clouds cleared and the sun shown dimly, a perfect day for Sports Day! (OTFS)

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