Monday, December 24, 2007

Stop the Music!

The entertainment industry has gone mad! Too many music shows, too many dance shows, the same channel doing three reality shows of the same kind one after the other! STOP!

While music and entertainment is good for everyone, we seem to have an overdose of it! Let's look at some cases.

The story begins with three shows on three rival channels: Indian Idol (Sony), Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007 (Zee) and Amul Star Voice of India (Star).

So these three shows went about garnering SMSes and TRPs: how nice and sweet. And then Indian Idol ended. And it was a smash hit!

The problem started when the other two shows ended. Not to be left behind, Sahara One (I don't blame you if you've never heard of the channel) launched its celebrity music show Jjhoom India (yes, two Js), starring Mrs. Communist Shabana Azmi as judge!

The came the dance shows: Jhalak Dikhlaja (lifted from BBC, so it's good) and Nach Baliye, which is CHEAP with a capital C. You to
see STARS dancing in the high-tech light! WOW! How evry, very uninspiring...

And then, disaster struck! Adnan Sami (who does a very fine albeit BORING imitation of Amitabh Bacchan in KBC) came up with his own show Bol Baby Bol. Then Zee launched its next series: little champs. It's boring, senseless and the parents act like this music hunt is going to make them the President of Swaziland! But of course, the host is still the same: young Aditya Narayan, so tall, so boring, so redundant. If I were him, I'd fire his costume designer!

But wait, Adi Narayan is not the worst of the lot. There's the host of Amul Star Voice of India Chote Ustad: Star's rival show. Now this host - whose name I have hitherto been unable to by-heart - is the best example of what not to do while hosting a show. I am not interested as to who goes to "FAIRYLAND" or who lands up in "SCARYLAND". If I had my way, I'd drop 'em all into "UNEMPLOYEDLAND". But you have to give some credit to this guy... I never dreamed that somebody could be worse than Aditya Narayan... but he's proved me wrong! Gasp!

And now with 9X (Nominated for the 2007 OTFS Indian of the Year: Best New Channel Award) bringing in its own bouquet, God alone knows how much more we're going to have to stand this cacophony! Don't forget, Sony (and till this story broke I thought Sony had some class) is starting K FOR KISHORE... ill-timed, but unique. I guess.

With all this mayhem, I shudder to think of he oncoming tsunami by the name of NDTV Imagine. With two dance-music shows already set to launch in it... the people who make cotton swabs to stuff in your ears are going to mint some money!

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