Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Auto History will be made on Jan. 10

TATA Motors is all set to unveil its Rs. 1 lakh (nearly US$3000) small car on Jan. 10, Thursday, at the Delhi Auto Show. As some citizens OTFS spoke to opined, the price tag is so super-cheap that even a shopkeeper on the road could afford a car loan for it. This car could very well make history and as TATA Sons Chairman Ratan Tata says, the potential sales could be a million cars in a year.

Green-activists, including India's won Rajendra Pachauri of the Nobel Peace Prize winning IPCC, have said that the car was so cheap that it would lead to a tremendous rise in the number of vehicles on Indian roads and drastically heighten pollution.

Other major companies will also be unveiling their innovations. Suzuki will launch a small car 'Splash,' Honda will display its 'Jazz' and the new 'Linea' from Fiat is also on the cards.

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