Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Counselor wreaks Havoc in JIIT1


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jan. 9: The IPE Maths exam conducted today saw some heated action in JIIT1, with Sushobhan and Abhiroop both lashing out at counselor Mrs. Uma for reducing the time alloted for the exam. While the exam received a challenging and lengthy rating on the Instant Poll, Mrs. Uma actually attempted to give the students just an hour to solve a 50-mark paper that was supposed to last an hour and a half.
Question papers were handed over at 4:30 PM, but by 5:00 she started giving out warnings that the time was nearly up. When students objected, she took to reminding them of the time every minute. Finally, the outburst from the two students came at 5:30. She however, allowed students to write all the way up to the maximum time, 6:00 PM.

Many students say she had created a tense atmosphere and had wrecked the exam for many. To add to this mess, the librarian Mrs. Yashoda chose to come and tell the students that anybody who scored less than a full mark would stay back till 7:00 PM! However, students were resilient, choosing to take these threats head-on. Mrs. Jhansi, however, was missing in all of this.

A Second Language test will be conducted tomorrow, followed by Physics on Friday and Chemistry on Saturday.

Mr. Varaprasad in Controversy
Sources have told OTFS that Senior Maths Lecturer Mr. Varaprasad used a slur by claiming that he 'disliked' North-Indian students. This was the first time ever that such a slur was used. Speaking on condition of anonymity to OTFS, many students have said that they never liked him, and not entirely because he was a smoker.

With the Pongal holidays nearing, it seems the college is out to trouble students to the end. Mr. Nandagopal has told JIIT1 that he was asked to prepare an assignment for students to solve in addition to studying for IPE. Thankfully, he simply asked them to complete the questions in HC Verma.

Mr Giribabu, who went on a week's trip to Sabrimala, returned today and resumed his post. (OTFS)

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