Friday, January 4, 2008

Feb. to be IPE Month

sc24x7 WEEK 31 DAY 5

Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jan. 4: Mrs. Jhansi has finallay reached a decision on the controversial topic of teaching the IIT Syllabus beyond Feb. 1. IT has been decided that after Jan. 28 - when IIT UT-10 would be held for First Year students in non-hostel campuses - a huge impetus would be given to IPE and IPE would become the single-most improtant priority.



OTFS has exclusive access to the results of a poll conducted in JIIT1 (ISB) on the topics that need to be revised again. This poll was conduected according to the intructions of the VP in an attempt to completely finish thest Year syllabus in the first year itself.

The highlights of the poll are (conducted in a sample space of 53):

  • In Physics, Rotatory Motion was marked for revision by a staggering 42 students, followed by Surface Tension, Friction and Gravitation
  • In Maths, Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines jointly held the largest share of votes, followed by a much smaller number by Complex Numbers and Properties of Triangles. Limits too received a few votes. Vectors received no requests.
  • Stoichiometry and Hydrogen Compounds led the pack in Chemistry. Gasesous state had a few votes, while organic chemistry had nearly no requests. Shockingly, most requests came in for the simplest chapters: Group IA, IIA, IIIA and IVB

The official cumulative results of the poll would be handed over to the VP soon. Mrs. Jhansi also stressed on the need for students to thoroughly understand General Organic Chemistry inorder to pass second year with ease.


IPE Exam Next Week

Mrs. Jhansi declared that the college would write a series of IPE Tests on this Monday's AIEEE Syllabus (and a truncated syllabus wherever necessary). Maths would be held on Wednesday, followed by a Language on Thrusday, Physics on Friday and Chemistry on Saturday. This is part of her new policy of pushing for high marks in IPE, what with the board exams so close.



The final reults for Monday's IPE Exam came in for JIIT1 today, and the projected highest score is 269/270. This time, marks are being tripled/made 1.5 times before being rounded off, which effectively means that 19.5/20 would become 58.5 and be rounded off to 59: a loss of 1 mark.

The lowest mark in Maths in J1 is less than 30/50, and this is considered very bad by all standards. Mr. Varaprasad also added yesterday that everybody whould score a full 50/50 owing to the ease of the exam. (OTFS)

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