Friday, January 11, 2008

Give me a Bharat Ratna

That's right, I deserve a Bharat Ratna too: it's the flavour of the season! When a poet-cum-PM-cum-nuclear-detonator named Vajpayee can ask be thought to deserve one... well, maybe I could take it.

But when a mad old communist whose policies brought West Bengal to No. 2 from the bottom in India (after Bihar) in terms of development - Jyoti Basu, former West Bengal CM, "veteran" communist - wants one, then it's official: I deserve a Bharat Ratna too.

It's another little medal after all, you can give it to anyone. All right, so it might be India's highest civilian award, but hey! Since when has a civilian award been for civilians? After all, politicians think they own this country, so why not give them a civilian award!

And after all this, I might just become a jeweler: because the Bharat "Ratna" has obviously lost its sheen, Well, maybe not completely: as long as communist mud isn't spread over it.

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