Friday, January 11, 2008

Half-day Tomorrow


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jan. 11: The college has officially declared that tomorrow would be a half-day for students at the IIT Academy. This news was already reported top the AIEEE and BiPC campuses a few days back.

The college will hold regular classes up to noon. From noon to 1:00 PM the IPE Chemistry paper would be held and students would be allowed to go home after that. the exact reason for this generosity is unknown.

Physics Paper
The IPE Physics exam conducted today was rated Easy on the Instant Poll. However, many students goofed up the first question, a numerical. Mr. Nandagopal said he didn't expect at least half of JIIT1 to score a full mark.

Pre-Final Schedule
The next few weeks will be tight for First years. The schedule for the First Pre-Finals were released today along with the schedule for IIT UT-10 on Jan. 28. OTFS has learned that at least three pre-finals will be held this year. Mr. Varaprasad will be preparing Maths, Mr. Shyam Physics and Mr. Rao Chemistry for the 10th and last IIT Unit Test before the grand test on Feb. 10.

Interestingly, the UT is right in he middle of the pre-finals, forcing many students to decide on which was more important at this time of the year. A language test will also be held for these pre Finals and yes, students will need to do well in those too. (OTFS)

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