Wednesday, January 2, 2008

IIT Exam on Jan. 27

sc24x7 WEEK 31 DAY 3

Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jan. 2: Mrs. Jhansi declared the final schedule for this Academic Year to the First Years. IIT Unit Test-10 will be held on Jan. 27 instead of Jan. 13, and this one would not be a cumulative test. The syllabus would be the same was this Monday's AIEEE Test. Furthermore, a slight change would be made to the format: instead of the usual four options given in match the following type questions, a 4x4 matrix would be given, just like in the real IITJEE exam.


SHe also revealed that no EAMCET exam would follow Monday's AIEEE Exam. Furthermore, a debate was held in JIIT1 (ISB) on whether preparations for IITJEE should go on beyond Feb. 1. The general opinion of the class was against it. They felt that it would be better to concetrate on IPE, a fact that was cemented by Mr. Varaprasad's remarks in JIIT1, wherein he said "in every walk of your life, your Class 10, Intermediate, Degree and PG marks would be taken seriously; what rank you get in any competitive exam in immaterial."


A final decision on the matter is pending. Furthermore, she asked the JIIT1 students to compile a list of those subjects or topics wherein they needed revision.


IPE Marks Out

Except JIIT3, all other classes received some of their marks for Monday's IPE Exam. In JIIT1, more than 90% of students scored full a 50/50 in Maths, and the lowest was at 35 (and this is considered extremely low even by JIIT4 standards). In Chemistry, some discrepancies in correction were reported. Physics is still pending.


Quote of the Day

"It doesn't make any difference to the college management if you take a holiday or bandhs are called. Even if you get 7000th rank in IITJEE, we'll add you in our overall tally. The only losers are students and their parents." - Vice Principal Mrs. Jhansi

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