Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Obituary: Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto – Courage personified. She was a woman of substance. I’ve never seen a more charismatic, dynamic and powerful leader.

Her determination, grit and undying ambition to return to Pakistan and serve her people, to live with them, to share with them, to die with them is a testimony to her courage and will even when all odds are against her. She is a beautiful woman, beautiful even in her ideals and thoughts. She is a person of extraordinary knowledge and fighting spirit. She was fearless in life and in death too.

The first woman Prime Minister of an Islamic democratic country, Benazir Bhutto is a person that the world will remember for ages to come. She was a power; a saviour; a hope.

The whole world mourned her death and condemned her assassination. It is indeed a huge loss to Pakistan and the entire race of humanity. December 28th witnessed the tragic assassination Benazir Bhutto. She died a martyr.

She was not always right, she was not always an inspiration, she’s done things which were not always appealing. But today, when she is no more, I prefer to sympathize with the situation. I prefer to admire her personality. I prefer to speak as a Pakistani who considers Benazir a hope for a better tomorrow.

In one of her interviews ,when she was asked why she wanted to go back to Pakistan braving her life, she said that she wanted to eat the mangoes of her garden behind her house and watch the skies from there. Such was her love for her country and its people. When she landed in Pakistan after almost 8 years of exile, which she described as the most difficult period in her life, seeing the ocean of people who came to support her, she said “Now I m ready to live for you and die for you”. True to her words, she sacrificed her life for the people of Pakistan, her wishes and dreams unfulfilled. But centuries later, mothers would be telling their children “Here was a woman who didn’t know the meaning of fear.”

I salute her for standing out in a man’s world.

I salute her love for her homeland and affection for her people.

I salute her courage. Her strength. Her power of endurance.

I salute her for what she was .


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Anonymous said...

indeed,vennela,i must agree...though with different reasons
Benazir had the spark,boldness,and nobility of Lady Diana,i get remided of margaret thatcher...
Undoubtedly,Benazir Bhutto was the iron lady of pakistan
I salute her,because she possessed some qualities that i prize - change:She changed ideally,-she was a transformed bhutto which came out of exhile,i believe it was the biggest learning period of her life
emotions:though few wud agree with me here,but i say that she was nearly enotionless(nearly coz no human can be devoid of them)
but being so is a huge achievement in itself
my tributes to the legend of confidence,rhetoric and an infinite capacity to see Reality