Monday, January 7, 2008

Physics Paper full of Controversies


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Jan. 7: Today's AIEEE Paper was generally rated easy, although a large number of errors in Physics prevented the Instant Poll from gathering enough data for that subject. However, Maths was rated Average and Chemistry Easy. So far, the highest expectations from Chemistry without two key changes is 104 of 120 from JIIT1.

The Physics paper was a big mess with many problems being deleted and several answers being changed after key discussion with students. Mr. Shyam Babu, who prepared the paper, apologised to JIIT1 for the paper, saying that it made in a great hurry. Rolling, a concept in Track 2 meant for this week, could not be deleted in time and five to six questions appeared from it. These may not be deleted. He also confirmed that this paper, an internal paper, was not important and was just for practice.

Mr. Varaprasad said that a mark in and around 60 was good, while 90 or above was very good for this paper. He prepared the Maths paper.

A Maths IPE Exam is scheduled for Wednesday on today's syllabus except additional syllabus for AIEEE. A student shift from objective to subjective-type exams can be felt in the college, and this is due to the Intermediate Public Examination in March.

On Saturday
OTFS has learned that students who scored below 90% in last week's IPE Exam were made to stay back till a record 6:30 PM and study. Boys and girls were segregated as in the AIEEE Campus and boys and girls of all classes (except JIIT1, from which no student had to stay back) were put into separate rooms. And the more sincere students did study.

With five days left for the Pongal Vacations, this week promises to be hectic as the college tries to cram in a week's worth of forced studying in a few days.

Syllabus Update
Mr. Varaprasad and Mr. Giribabu have completed Maths (IPE), Mr. Sarfaraz Chemistry Track 2 (IPE) and Mrs. Latika (English) have all completed their syllabi in JIIT1. February will have some Pre Final Examinations, the Vice Principal has informed OTFS. (OTFS with inputs from sources)

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