Monday, October 20, 2008

Aiming for the Moon

Oct. 22 will be a historic day for India, when ISRO's first mission to the moon - Chandrayaan-1 (Hindi for 'moon craft 1') -will take off on a two-year mission. Chandrayaan-1 will map the moon and create a detailed map of it (amazingly, there still isn't a detailed map!). Apart from that, it will also sent a probe into the moon to test the region just above the moon's surface.

The craft has eleven instruments in its payload: six from other countries and five from India. This International collaboration will be one of the most advanced of its kind in history. NASA, the European Space Agency and the Japanese Space Agency are involved in the mission. 

If successful, the mission would go a long way in inter-planetary missions for future Indian scientists and would also enhance our knowledge of the Universe. 

It's times like these that it feels good to be Indian.


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