Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chandrayaan-1 Launches Successfully

India's first mission to the moon Chandrayaan-1 successfuly completed its first stage this morning at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh with the launch of PSLV-C11 carrying the satellite.

ISRO scientists were enthused with the result of the launch, which proved yet again just how reliable the indigenous PSLV technology was. The Chairman of ISRO expressed confidence that the second stage would also be successful.

Stage 1 involves setting Chandrayaan-1 into an orbit around the earth. After two revolutions, necessary to pick up sufficient momentum, a set of rockets on the satellite would sent it towards the moon, after which a slow process of realignment would put the satellite in a close orbit around the moon. This should be completed in the next two weeks and will require constant monitoring.

Chandrayaan-1 puts India into a league of six nations that have had lunar mission.s PM Manmohan Singh saluted the team of scientists at ISRO for making the nation proud, while the International media spoke of a growing 'space race' in Asia between the largest economies in the region: Japan, China and now, India.

The cost of the mission was Rs. 386 crores or about $80 million, which might seem high but is actually the cheapest lunar mission undertaken by any country, which is another example of how Indian scientists can combine good economics with innovative design.

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