Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello Stranger!

One of the most common, and also most embarrassing, situations that I get into is meeting someone who acts like he or she is my best friend but whose identity remains unknown to me.

Just today, while walking back home, someone on a bike waved to me and called out my name. I smiled and waved back and he left. And the only question I had in my mind was: who was that guy? I don't remember meeting him before. Was he one the many juniors from Bhavan's, who know me because of the powerful position I once held there? Or was he one of my peers, whom I should be knowing?

Well, I have no idea and probably never will. It's not new though: I regularly forget people whom I meet everyday, and remembering every body's names in class is out of the question! Phone numbers, birthdays, addresses, dates... cross them all out too!

Good heavens, am I to become the youngest Alzheimer's patient in history?! Probably not: I still know more about the International financial system and the stock markets than any of my friends, and I did manage to learn Say This City Has Ten Million Souls, that fantastic poem about the plight of Jews. 

So maybe I can't remember the important things in life. But wait, who ever said Nuclear Non-Proliferation wasn't important?

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