Monday, October 6, 2008

Hyderabad's Weather this October

The morning will be hot, with the sun shining so brightly that you will probably be rudely awakened long before it's time for you to get up. Around noon, the sun will unleash its full glory and humidity levels will rise. Close to 4:00 PM, dark clouds will start gathering overhead and there will be thunder. As the evening progresses, cold winds will star blowing and lighting and thunder will pick up. This will continue for several hours. Around midnight, the clouds will burst open and several millions of droplets of rain will pour down as the average Hyderabadi slumbers. This will go on for the rest of the night, inundating low-lying areas. However, a little before sunrise, the rain will stop and humidity levels will shoot up. Then, a little before it is time to wake up, the sun will rise and the temperature will also shoot up. And then, you will wake up. Early. On a Sunday.

And that's Hyderabad's weather forecast!

PS: Special thanks to Akshay for the Mausam-Awesome slogan.

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