Monday, October 27, 2008

Into the Future


The MoST has been one of the best-performing ministries of the UPA Government. It's biggest achievement is the setting up of the Tsunami Warning System after the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Former lawyer and Congress stalwart Kapil Sibal, who heads what is often described as 'the boring ministry,' was instrumental in India joining the Tsunami Warning System. he rightly noticed that science and technology could prepare India for another major disaster such as the Tsunami. Following the setting up of the system, India now has the ability of detect the early formation of a Tsunami and can take measures to avoid a humanitarian disaster.

But the achievements of the Ministry don't stop there. Under Kapil Sibal, the Ministry has extended full support to ISRO, which has seen the talented scientists at the organisation launching satellite after satellite successfully, topping it with Chandrayaan-1, a mission so great that it has caught the imagination of youngsters in India and around the world. The Ministry's determination to get cabinet approval for ISRO's missions, never letting money come in the way of scientific development, deserves high praise.

Under the Ministry, India also set up another base station in Antarctica. This further adds to our scientific prowess. Another significant feat was the Science Express, a joint venture between the Ministry, the Science Ministry of Germany and the Max Planck Institute. The Science Express brought the miracles of science to every child and has been hailed as a great success by the likes of eminent personalities such as former President Dr. Kalam. The efficiency and success of the Express has also prompted other countries to try to do something similar.

Love for Science and Technology has been an inherent trait of Indians (we invented zero, after all). And it is only appropriate that the MoST should take this ancient legacy forward. The sanctioning of Chandrayaan-2 for 2011-12 is the right step forward.

The Ministry of Science and Technology
General Performance: Excellent

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