Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama is the Best Choice

After clashing in three Presidential debates, John McCain and Barack Obama have made their policies and opinions on almost all issues clear, clear enough at least. And the best candidate, in my opinion, is Barack Obama.

Obama's healthcare plan makes a lot of sense: he will allow employers to continue paying for their employees' health insurance. He will make it necessary for those not covered by insurance to do so: he will provide the necessary tax incentives for that. He also proposes to exempt small businesses from providing insurance to their employees. He doesn't believe in blind tax cuts that will do more harm than good. On foreign policy, he is willing to breathe some fresh air into America's troubled relation with the world.

John McCain is exactly the opposite. His healthcare plan will end up destroying the employees' healthcare system forever. He wants to give multi billion dollar tax cuts to multi billion dollar corporations! He wants to fight in Iraq for a hundred years and will not commit to ending the terrorist hub that Pakistan's FATA has become. In short, he is a recipe for another deadly four, maybe eight, years!

Obama is the best choice. In November, we will find out if the American people agree.

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