Friday, November 28, 2008

'Another 9/11'

The growing condemnation of the terrorist attack on Mumbai from across the world has seen parallels being drawn between this attack and the 9/11 attack on the WTC in New York and the Pentagon.

Israel was the first to say that the attack was the worst ever since 9/11. Later through the day, security analysts and intelligence agencies said that the massive scale of coordination, the huge stash of ammunition and the sites of the attacks made it comparable in significance, if not magnitude, to 9/11.

From the Warzone

The NSG and the Army achieved a major success today by eliminating and killing all terrorists in the Hotel Oberoi Trident. Just a few hours ago, the forces also killed terrorists in Nirmal House, amid large crowds that proved difficult to control. Sadly, five Jews were killed there by the violence-embracing terrorists.

However, a raging war continues at the Taj Mahal Hotel, where an unknown number of terrorists are launching grenades and bullets at Indian forces.

All of India and the world have been closely watching the situation as it enters Day 3.

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