Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coup de Grand


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Nov. 22: In a monumental change of policy, the college administration has shaked up the balance of power in the IIT Academy. After a series of discussions, the post of Principal has been elevated to that of 'dean.' 

Each campus now has a Principal and a Vice Principal. In the IIT Academy, after a lot of heated debating, Maths lecturers Mr. Vara Prasad has been appointed the Principal while Mrs. Jhansi constinues to act as the Vice Principal. Effectively, they will have to share powers between themselves, with the Principal handling academic affairs and the VP taking care of administrative affairs. For her, it is a major fall from grace as students are no longer fully accountable to her.

Students were overjoyed at hearing the news, hoping that some much-needed change would be introduced. The shake-up ends years of one-person reign and brings to power a person who is deeply respected and loved by most students. Already, all of SI (ISB) has put its weight behind him. He will however, continue to teach.

How long the system will last before it becomes unstable is unclear as of now.

The college has acquired forms for writing IITJEE-09. The forms and brochure, some of which have already been distributed in S1, are availbale in the Library and every students has to buy one. Each one costs Rs. 1000 (for boys) and Rs. 500 (for girls), plus Rs. 100 for postage. The brochure is of great importance and contains everything one needs to know.

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