Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Indian Navy Foils Hijack

CNN-IBN reports that the Indian Navy, near the Gulf of Aden off the Somali coast, foiled a hijack bid by pirates. The waters of the Gulf have gained notoriety for uncontrolled piracy there.

A vessel owned by Great eastern Shipping Company, MV Jag Arnav, sent an SOS after pirates attacked the home bound ship. INS Tabar picked up the message and sent an aerial team to attack the pirates, who beat a hasty retreat. Moments later, the Indian warship entered the scene and escorted the vessel ship into safe waters as it returned home to India.

The Gulf of Aden is one of the busiest trade routes in the world, carrying goods (including crude oil) from Asia to Europe and American and vice versa. The region is also considered to be extremely prone to piracy: 83 vessels have been hijacked this year.

Keeping the safety of Indian assets in mind, the Government decided to send some warships to protect Indian ships there. The move has been appreciated by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Clearly, it was a wise move.

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