Friday, November 28, 2008

Mercury Falling in Hyderabad

Cyclone Nisha, moving along the Tamil Nadu coast, has caused temperatures in Hyderabad to plummet.

Over the past few days, Hyderabadis have been waking up to abnormally cold temperatures, lowered further by chilling winds. According to the MET, cold winds blowing in from the North East have been the main reason for the sudden fall.

The Minimum temperature on Wednesday was as low as 15C (remember that India is a tropical country). To be precise, it was 14.8C. On Thursday, residents woke up to a rainy morning, and strong showers kept lashing the city throughout the day. The showers can be attributed to the Cyclone. The rain caused temperatures to fall further, and people donned sweaters and jackets to beat the cold. The power requirement also fizzled out.

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