Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Attack: Taj Cleared

CNN-IBN reports that the NSG has successfully cleared the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, killing all terrorists and recovering a cell phone with a foreign SIM card. The team inside the hotel faced stiff resistance from the well-armed, well-trained terrorists, who ultimately lost because they were both outnumbered and out-witted. However, parts of the iconic hotel were damaged due to fire.

Meanwhile, the NSG and the Army are still battling it out in the Oberoi Trident Hotel, where a number of 'hostages' have already been freed. They say that they will continue into the night and will not stop until the terrorists are either killed or nabbed.

And lastly, the NSG is all set to take on terrorists at Nariman House, where a small Jewish family is being held hostage.

The Ministry of External Affairs has set up a control room. The phone numbers are: 91-11-23015300, 23012113, 23013537.

The fax number is 91-11-23018158.

Taj helpline numbers: 022 - 66574322, 66574372, 1800111825. Oberoi helpline number: 011-23890606

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