Monday, November 10, 2008

The Problem is Pseudo-Secularism

Is the BJP a communal party? Yes, it is. Is the Congress secular? The answer isn't so obvious.

The situation is what many call pseudo-secularism, in other words, committing acts that can be termed as communalism and yet using the tag of secularism. If you ask me, that's EXACTLY what the Congress is.

Perhaps the best example of this pseudo-secularism is Andhra Pradesh Minister for Minorities Welfare and Power, Md. Ali Shabbir. Here is a man who pokes fun at the BJP for being communal, yet gives a damn for any community but his own Muslim community. He has ruined Hyderabad's power situation, with power cuts becoming so common that people in some of the outskirts get six hours of power, not power-cuts! Even members from his own party, and of course the entire opposition, questioned his leadership in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Andhra Pradesh.

But Mr. Shabbir doesn't really seem to care. There are hardly any reports about him doing something about the power situation, yet he made it his top priority to create a special Haj terminal in the new International Airport, making it the first Airport in India to have a religious structure - a mosque, in this case - in it. Citizens have written in the papers that he should not do this, because it would ruin the secular nature of India. There is no need for religious architecture to be set up in places of common interest. But he didn't listen: he was busy walking around Old City during Ramdan to ensure that people (Muslims, to be specific) had no problems. I wish he'd walk around Ameerpet and breathe in the stench of overflowing sewage too!

But this is the problem with the Congress: minority appeasement in the name of secularism is threatening the very social fabric of India. The Congress has rejigged secularism to mean - in LK Advani's words - an allergy towards Hindus. What else could have prompted the Government to tell the Supreme Court that Lord Rama never existed? Or to declare that minorities have the 'first right' over India's resources? 

India is perhaps the only country in the world that provides a Haj subsidy: taxpayers' money being used to send pilgrims to Mecca, something that Muslims in other countries would detest, since a Muslim, as I understand, is supposed to save up his entire life to fund this great journey. Again, Md. Ali Shabbir has devoted most of his tenure to see off these pilgrims: the car ride was paid for by the taxpayers, of course. The Haj subsidy system was created by the Congress. The Shah Bano case and its horrible outcome was also because of the Congress. Afzal is still alive because of the Congress.

The best solution would be to forget religion: let secularism mean 'no religion.' Religion is a personal matter, the Government should not get into it. Pseudo-secularism is far more dangerous that communalism: the latter comes out of the blue and disappears just as far, while the former stays for a long time, eating away society bit by bit. Pseudo-secularism is a manifestation of apartheid: if the Congress continues, it will meet the same fate.

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