Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rs. 10K for Samosas!

CNN-IBN reports that a Dutch couple, touring Northern India, were made to pay a whopping Rs. 10,000 for four samosas that they bought in a little stall in Bihar. Samosas, an inexpensive snack, are common in South and Central Asia.

The couple asked the shopkeeper as to why they had to pay so much and he promptly came up with the fib that his samosas contained special herbs and aphrodisiacs, absolute rubbish really. After a heated argument, the couple paid him Rs. 10,000 but complained to the police. The police detected the fraud immediately and forced the shopkeeper to pay them the money back, taking only what the samosas were worth.

In the end, the couple got back Rs. 9,990; the samosas cost just Rs. 10!

Tourists are at times fleeced by wily shopkeepers, but if they keep their heads about them and remain alert, they should be fine. Bihar is the most backward state in India, other states are somewhat safer. I recommend Rajasthan.

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