Saturday, November 15, 2008

Russel Peters: When India Questioned

I admit, I never heard of Russel Peters. When NDTV announced that he was participating in the channel's India Questions programme, I was excited because I felt a comedian would be quite interesting to listen to. However, I was disappointed after watching the show.

His jokes were alright, the one on the Tamil film industry not caring about looks was hilarious. But I disliked the way he spoke. Indeed, I found him to be racist. Now, I know that it seems highly unlikely that an Asian living in Canada/America can be called racist. But that's what he seemed like to me!

His comments on how Mumbai 'smelled' (and his successive antics to justify why it didn't last long), his criticism of Indian accents, his gestures, his words: all of it smacked with a deep dislike for India and Indians. His words were spiteful, not funny.

Maybe I am one of those 'politicians' he is talking about. But I hated his words, although he seemed quite likeable as such. All in all, I'm glad he lives in North America and not here.

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