Saturday, November 8, 2008

S2, S3 clubbed with NEON Campus


Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy, SR Nagar, Hyderabad, Nov. 8, 2008: In a controversial development, the college has now begun clubbing the second and third sections, SIIT2 and 3, with those in the AIEEE (NEON) Campus.

The news became apparent when the sections were asked to come tomorrow, Sunday, for an exam. The exam will be conducted along with the AIEEE Campus, thus enlarging the number of participating students. Officially, these students are simply Sr. ICON students, though the college's only objective is to get them through EAMCET, OTFS has learned. These students are paying the same fees as those in S1 though.

Meanwhile, today's EAMCET test, held for S1 and all ISB sections around the state, ended on a bright note with expectations of high marks. OTFS currently projects that the highest mark in S1 would be 130-140. The state highest could be well above 150.The paper was described as a balanced one, the right mix for EAMCET.

JUST IN| IPE 2009 Schedule
The following is the schedule for the 2009 Intermediate Public Examination for Second Year:

  1. Practical Exam from Feb. 2 to 21
  2. Second Language: Mar. 5
  3. English: Mar. 7
  4. Maths 2A: Mar. 10
  5. Maths 2B: Mar. 13
  6. Physics: Mar. 16
  7. Chemistry: Mar. 18
Source: The Hindu, Nov. 8, 2008; dates are tentative

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