Monday, November 3, 2008

She is a terrorist

The SIva Sena and RSS' support for Sadhvi Pragya, prime accused in the Malegaon blast in Maharashtra, is a ginat step backward for peace and harmony. Bal Thackeray claimed in Saamna that Hindus should be allowed to take up arms to protect themselves from Islamic terrorism.

While I would prefer to wait for the Sadhvi's case to end in the courts, the fact that the BJP has chosen to apply the 'innocent until proven guilty' clause on her and not on alleged IM-members like Peerbhoy shows that they are indulging in double-speak.

But the problem lies with the UPA: the Government has been so overtly inclined towards appeasing the minority that the majority has started fighting back. But terrorism is no way to do this: the true war for 'Hindu protection' or that sort of stuff will be fought next year, and the weapon will be a vote.

Take up arms, my countrymen: get a voter ID card NOW!

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