Friday, December 19, 2008

Bushism No. 1!


Those are the words that Iraqi journalist  Muthathar al Zaidi shouted at US President George W Bush, before throwing his shoes at him. And what a stir it has created online!

A group on Facebook has declared Mr. Zaidi a hero, and asked for Bush to be tried for war crimes! Most people feel the journalist was fully justified in throwing his shoes, in fact, they regretted Bush's reflexes were still so good! People have started to wonder whether they could bid for the shoes and keep it as a memento. The current offer is $25 mn, but it could go up!

Of course, all that is just the nice stuff. A lot of foul language was used, and polls were conducted on what object should have been used (currently, people are voting for his chair). Some rumours have begun to spread that an Egyptian man offered his daughter's hand to the journalist. And of course, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who famously described Bush as 'the devil,' called Mr. Zaidi 'brave.'

Also, a little joke is running in Pakistan that the Pentagon has traced the shoe-thrower to the LeT in Pakistan. According to joke, the man was inspired by a fiery speech and spent two months training in the art of shoe-throwing. The shoes he threw were specially made from the hide of a goat sacrificed during Id ul Adha by the founder of the LeT!

Oh, and i you want to join in on the action, play one of the many 'Bush shoe-throwing' games available online!

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